Ocalan's lawyers review prosecutors

The lawyers of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan submitted a request to the Turkish Public Prosecutor's Office in Bursa to allow them to meet their client in Imrali prison.

The lawyers who submitted the request were Nevroz Ûysal, Faîk Ozgur Erol, Cengîz Yureklî and Mazlum Dînç.

Ocalan's lawyers Rezan Sarija and Nevroz Ûysal and Rêzan Sarica met Ocalan, after preventing meeting him since 8 years, and after that met him on May 2 and May 22 and on June 12 and June 18, four times after the last meeting. Despite the 10 lawyers' requests, all were rejected and refused to meet and visit him. in prison.



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