Ocalan's recommendations still remain in the minds who met him

The recommendations that had been said by Abdullah Ocalan still remain in the mind the citizen Adul Rahman Arnab for 28 years, in particular in which stressed the necessity of uniting the Kurdish row, the demand that Ocalan has always focused on in all his meetings.

Abdul Rahman Arnab, a resident of Haj Khalil village in the Rajo district of the occupied Afrin region, got acquainted with the Kurdistan Freedom Movement in 1986 by one of his friends, while he was in compulsory service.

The citizen Abdul Rahman Arnab met the leader Abdullah Ocalan when he went with the people of Aleppo to visit him at the Martyr Academy Masum Gorkmaz in Lebanon in 1992.

"Our meeting with the leader was a source of pride for us," Abdul Rahman said. "Our meeting was in a tent in the Baalbek region in Lebanon. His standing, full of confidence and will, which remains firmly in my memory, made us pay attention with all our senses to what he would tell us."

Abdul Rahman confirmed that Ocalan at the beginning of his speech told them: "You came with a thousand goodness's, I am glad that you came, because you have crossed all borders without fear to meet me, you have broken all the barriers that the world has set up to separate me from you."

 He also pointed out in his speech that the leader pointed out at the time the importance of unity among the Kurdish people, saying: "All Kurds must unite their ranks, and not be under the control of foreign agendas in order to protect our history, our culture and our homeland. The victories achieved by the Kurdish people will not go in vain, but will enlighten us The road is on the path of freedom. "

And he called at the end of a speech all Kurdish parties "to hold the Kurdistan National Congress, so that we can repel the Turkish attacks and violations and practices of cultural and historical genocide, because our unity is a victory over all our enemies, and we have rights that we must defend according to the recommendations of our leader."



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