Occupation: house burning, arrest, recruitment

Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin canton inforce Kurdish youth to join their ranks and continue to arrest civilians, Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have built two prisons in Afrin canton.


According to a source from the Janders area of ​​Afrin canton, Turkish army is arresting civilians in the area, in this context, the occupation has arrested a number of civilians from the family of (JJ), including women from the area, and their fate is still unknown

The source confirmed that Turkish occupation army recently opened a prison in Koran village of Janders area, and torturing civilians in cells packed with civilians, and is forcing parents to teach the prayer, especially for Yazidi community.

Another source from the area said that the occupation army is recruiting young Kurds in the military and civilian police, which the occupation intends to form in the Afrin canton, and lures young people with money and pays $ 200 monthly.

A source from Rajo area reported that the mercenaries abducted a citizen, '' AA 'from Hasan Kalkawi village, from his house after midnight, beat him in front of his family and took him to an unknown destination.

In Maydan Akbas, the mercenaries arrested F,K on the pretext that he used the mobile phone and took him to the large prison of Maydan Akbas, they also tortured him, and released him after 3 days, and the effects of beatings on his body remain.

According to a source, Turkish occupation army has built a large prison in Jakmak Kabeir village belonging to Rajo area.

A source from Rajo area noted that the mercenaries and Turkish occupation army are gathering the villagers and forcing them to work to retrieve the bodies of the mercenaries in the areas where the clashes took place, including Kevri Ker area, they also force the villagers to clean the streets and remove the rubble.

Another source from Rajo said that mercenaries were burning civilians’ houses in the pretext that they were dealing with Democratic Autonomous Administration.

The fate of hundreds of young people in Afrin canton remains unknown since the Turkish occupation army entered to it.

It should be noted that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have emptied Barava village in Shera district from its citizens to settle the families of the mercenaries, in addition, hundreds of leaders and members of the mercenary groups and their displaced families entered Janders area on Saturday.

On 20 January last year, Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched fierce attacks using all kinds of weapons where hundreds of civilians were martyred, not to mention the wounded and massacres and the collapse of infrastructure of the canton, the people of Afrin were enforced to get out of their homes, and headed to al-Shahba canton and Sherawa district.



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