Occupation mercenaries shoot civilians, reports of casualties

Informed private sources reported to Hawar News Agency that there were civilian casualties in the village of Alouk, east of the city of Serêkaniyê, as a result of their targeting by the Turkish occupation mercenaries.

Informed private sources told the Hawar News Agency correspondent that a dispute arose between the people of the village of Alouk 10 km east of the city of Serêkaniyê and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.

He explained that the reason for the dispute between the villagers and the mercenaries was due to the Turkish occupation's mercenaries' stealing a motorcycle belonging to a civilian in the village on Saturday evening.

The source pointed out to our correspondent, "After the civilians protested against the mercenaries violations, they opened fire on the unarmed civilians, which resulted in a number of civilian casualties."

The source stated that among the injured were critical cases, and they were transferred to Turkish territory to receive treatment, and others were transferred to Serêkaniyê Hospital.



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