Occupation settles families from Idlib in Afrin, kidnaps its citizens

The Turkish occupation uses all methods and means to change the demographic structure of Afrin canton by resettling the population of Idlib province, after the displacement of more than 350 thousand people.

According to sources, the Turkish occupation has established new camps near Qurna village in Bulbul district, Sorkeh village in Rajo district and in the center of Janders district, in addition to the expansion of the two camps of the two villages of Mulla Khalila and Muhammadiyyah in the district.

The Turkish occupation also protects the mercenaries and their families by transferring them to Afrin city and settling them there. According to sources, the occupation transferred more than 1,000 families of the mercenaries from Idlib, and settled them in the villages of the two districts of Shia and Bulbul in the homes of the displaced people from Afrin.

Continuous kidnapping

The mercenaries of the occupation continue to kidnap the people, for successive times for each person, in order to demand ransom or extortion for their deportation from the city. Our agency (ANHA) has documented the names of some of the abductees at various times this month, and the fate of the abductees has been still unknown for almost a year.

The citizen Mohammed Ibrahim, who is at 50 years from Khalilaka village in Bulbul district was kidnapped, and he is the father for 6 children, after being robbed during the transfer of grape leaves in his Suzuki car on 14 May, as he was robbed and brutally beaten on the road by the occupation's mercenaries, and as a result of torture, he lost his life days later.

On May 15, the citizen Mohammed Ahmed Brim at 33 years was kidnapped by the mercenaries for the third time, Abdo Mohammed, at 25 was abducted from the village of Meska Foqani in Janders district, whose fate is still anonymous. The citizen Tahir Shahin was kidnapped from Basota village in Sherawa district.

On the other hand, the fate of Hamza Ibrahim, at 25, and his sister Asia from the village of Khalilaka in Bulbul district, and the citizens Hassen Hamo, Zainab, Muhammad Hamo and Suliyeh from the village of Kamarsheh in Rajo district, are unknown.

The kidnapping campaign reached the agents of the Turkish occupation, even the occupation kidnapped the member of the Local Council in Janders district, the mercenary Cîger Xwîn from the village of Haj Hassena.



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