Occupation uses new methods to hide its death toll in Libya

The Turkish occupation army sends the corpses of the dead mercenaries in the battles of Libya to the occupied city of Afrin, and puts them in the mortuary rather than burying them, to make them victims of the explosions that take place in Afrin, and to hide the number of dead who fall in the fighting in Libya.

The occupying Turkish state follows a new policy towards mercenaries in the Afrin region and the occupied areas, as sources said that the occupation is working on the ratio of deaths that fall in Libya to the explosions in Afrin, to accuse the Autonomous Administration on the one hand, and to hide the dead in Libya on the other.

According special sources that reported to Hawar News Agency correspondent, the Turkish occupation state brings mercenaries of the "Samarkand Brigade" from Libya to Afrin canton, places them in the mortuary, instead of burying them, and later works to show them when the explosions they carry out within the canton, and accuse the Autonomous Administration of fabricating them, as one of the ways to hide their losses in Libya.

According to the sources, the number of people killed in the first batch was 6 mercenaries, and it was claimed that they were killed in the bombing on Raju Road on the 28th of last April, while the bodies of about 11 mercenaries from the "Samarkand Brigade" are still in the mortuary in the occupied canton of Afrin.

The source says that the occupation follows this method to hide the losses it is exposed to in Libya, to avoid any frustration among the mercenaries and to encourage them to go there and fight for Turkey.


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