Occupation's mercenaries dig Afrin's hills to search of monuments

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in Afrin are working to change the features of the area. A source from the village of Semelka reported that the mercenaries are digging an archaeological hill in the west of the village in search of the monuments, and change the region's landmarks.

Since the occupation of Afrin canton on 18 March 2018, the Turkish occupation's mercenaries continue to vandalize the archaeological sites and change the features of the canton, after bombing the most important archaeological monuments in Ain Dara hill and the pit in Janders hill.

A special source from the village of Semelka in Mobata district in Afrin canton told our agency, Hawar news agency's (ANHA) correspondent that the Turkish occupation's mercenaries in Mobata area had dug Hessiyyeh archaeological hill in the west of the village with heavy machineries in search of the monuments and changing the region's landmarks.

The same source said that the agents of the occupation led the mercenaries to the hill. While they were digging, many disputes have emerged among the mercenaries themselves to turn into clashes among themselves.

The source confirmed that after the agreement among the mercenaries to share the spoils, Hessiyyeh hill is being dug. It also pointed out that the agents collected the stolen properties from the citizens, and they are selling them and cooperating with the occupation's mercenaries by directing them to the homes of patriots to burn and destroy them.



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