‘Occupiers wanted to annihilate us, we confirmed resistance, foiled them’

A citizen from Janders area has been well known after publishing video to him, stressing he will fight in his area, he said" what is my guilt if God created me as Kurdish person, this language was granted by God to me. I am Kurdish,” adding new page of the resistance to the people of Afrin during confrontation of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.


Murad Ahemd who is born in 1965 from Janders area became well known after publishing video during the "Resistance of the Age" in the first stage and he insists on steadfastness and resistance against of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Murad was living in al-Tahtani neighborhood in the center Janders area, about 200 homes exist in the neighborhood, 100 homes were completely destroyed due to the heavy shelling by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and the remaining homes were destroyed after occupying Afrin canton. 

We will confront all the forces which attack us

The citizen Murad Ahmed stayed in his home for 35 days, till Feb 24, 2018, Hawar news (ANHA) interviewed with him, stressing that they will struggle, and added my home was completely destroyed due to the mercenaries' shelling by artillery and rockets, being defeated by the People and Women Protection Units, they bombed the civilians, causing unthinkable destruction to the area, he stressed that they will confront all the forces, which will attack us and we will struggle till the last breath till liberating Afrin canton from the occupiers, they want to obliterate our language, I am Kurdish… I am Kurdish.

I told child orphaned in bombing his father was martyred; the martyrs never die

He added "we resisted for 35 days in the center of Janders area, which were black days like the sky that was filled with missiles and rockets. We did not stop our work and our resistance despite the intensive flight by Turkish warplanes and missiles which was falling in Janders area, The Turkish state is an occupant and fascist state, they wanted to exterminate the Kurdish language and culture, but we said our word and resisted the occupiers, I remember one day that was witnessing daily routine shelling, a shell fell 15 meters from where I was existed. A man was martyred at forties and his child was next to him but he was not hurt by this shelling and ran towards me, and said my father died, I told him that your father did not die but was martyred and martyrs never die.



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