Ochy Curiel Pichardo: I am fan of Rojava women’s revolution

Artist Ochy Curiel Pichardo sent a message of solidarity and support to the women of north and east Syria and explained that their struggle is not only for the women of north and east Syria, but for the people of the world.

The world's women continue to be active in the context of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which takes place on the 25th of November each year. The slogan "Women's Free Lives" has become a global slogan from Kurdistan to Mexico, Britain and Switzerland. This year, the slogan was featured on Women's Year and on banners.

Rojava's feminist revolution shows that there's a possibility of living a different life. Violence against women is on the rise year after year, and statistics are on the rise day after day, but women in Rojava Kurdistan (Western Kurdistan) embrace the revolution.

The Dominican feminist professor and artist Ochy Curiel Pichardo is one of those women who want to spread Rojava's feminist revolution throughout the world by forming alliances.

She spoke to ANHA’s agency and mentioned her admiration for the feminist revolution in north and east Syria and noted that it was very important for the liberation of women.

"It was an important phase."

Ochy Curiel Pichardo explained that the murder of the Mirabal sisters not only affected the Dominicans, but also affected many places in the world. Ochy Curiel Pichardo said that after Trujillo's murder, the Mirabal sisters became an example of the struggle against injustice in the country, especially the Dominican people.

Ochy Curiel Pichardo said that the Dominicans and women had also fought before and after the Mirabal sisters, and explained that from the beginning the people had risen against the slave and colonial order from the beginning and that poor and Dominican African societies had risen against power and violence.

She noted that the struggle must not be against crimes against women only and said that "among the murdered are black women and indigenous women, the poor as well as social leaders. There must be a struggle against all pressure. Peoples need a common struggle. "

Ochy Curiel Pichardo sent a message of solidarity and support to the women of north and east Syria. She said that this struggle was not only a struggle for women in north and east Syria, but for all the peoples of the world. In my view, this is very important for a liberation project. "

She explained that they wanted a life free from racism, class and nationalism and said, "I want a life that attaches importance to the community and the formation of society. A life where music, poetry, art, science and production are central. And that's why I fight every day. "

Who's Ochy Curiel Pichardo?

She was born in the Dominican Republic and now resides in Colombia. She is an academic, writer, singer and anthropologist. Social. She is a member of the Latin American Educational Society and Women's Events. She is also a professor at the National University of Colombia and the University of Jafriana.



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