​​​​​​​Officer, 11 Turkish soldiers killed in HPG operations

The fighters of People's Defense Forces (HPG) and the Free Women Units - Star carried out several operations against the Turkish occupation army in Carcêla, Celê and Besta, killing an officer and 11 soldiers, in addition to destroying a vehicle and fortifications of the enemy.

The Media Center of the Popular Defense Forces announced in a statement that their forces carried out in the framework of the revolutionary campaign of the Martyr Bakr and the Martyr Ronya qualitative operations against the Turkish occupation army.

The statement stated:

"On July 18, our forces carried out at 08:40 a bombing operation targeting a machinery of the Turkish occupation army near Kaman outpost in Zagros region, which was traveling from Carcêla square to Şemzînan district of Colemêrg. The operation resulted in the destruction of the enemy's vehicle and the killing of 7 soldiers, including an officer and elements from the Contra, in addition to wounding another soldier. After the operation, the occupation forces began a military operation in the region, and transferred the wounded, the dead bodies, and the wreckage of the vehicle from the area.

On the 19th of July at 17:30, our forces carried out an operation against the Turkish occupation army's soldiers stationed on the Martyr Rêber hill in Celê district of Colemêrg, and blew strong strikes on the enemy's fortifications and berms, which resulted in the destruction of one of the fortifications, killing two soldiers and wounding two others.

As part of the campaign of revenge for the two martyrs Media Mawa and Rizgar Kafr, our forces carried out on July 19 at 17:40 sniping operations targeting the soldiers of the occupation army in Şehrîban Square in Besta region of Şernax, killing two soldiers. This process was to salute the revolutionary campaign of Heftenin Battle.

Air attacks on legitimate defense zones

The warplanes of the Turkish occupation army launched air attacks on the legitimate defense zones. The detailed information about the attacks is as follows:

On July 18 at 22:50, the warplanes bombed the surrounding of Girê village in Garî.

On July 19 at 00:15, the warplanes bombed Mirfanîs square in Avaşîn region, and at 01:30 Konîşka square in Zab region.

On July 20 at 00:30, the warplanes bombed Wadi Basia square in Avaşîn region, and also at 18:00, Korocaro square in Zap region.


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