Officer, 4 citizens, killed in Sudan in shooting fire around sit-in arena

The reports obtained from the Sudanese capital Khartoum, according to the British site "BBC", 5 citizens, including an army officer killed and dozens injured in armed clashes erupted in the arena of the sit-in iny front of the headquarters of the General Command of the army.

 The Transitional Military Council in Sudan said that an officer in the army was killed and dozens of sit-inners were injured in the shooting around the arena of the sit-in.

The Military Council has accused in a statement what it described as "parties, that want to spread chaos inside the revolution, got disturbed by the results reached today, and they are working to abort any agreement is reached and enter the country into a dark tunnel."

Meanwhile, the Central Sudan Doctors Committee announced the killing of four people and wounding others after being shot in the sit-in, and pointed out that some of them were in serious condition.

The developments came hours after the agreement held between the Military Council and the Freedom and Change Forces on the structure of power, function and authorities at the three levels of sovereign, executive and legislative during the transitional period.

The two sides said they would continue on Tuesday to discuss the rates of participation and the period of transition.

In another development, the Sudanese Public Prosecutor charged with incitement and involvement in the killing of former President Omar al-Bashir by demonstrators.

According to the official news agency in Sudan, the Prosecution accuses al-Bashir and others of "incitement and criminal involvement in the killing of demonstrators in recent events."

The accusation came after investigations into the killing of a doctor during protests that led to the end of Bashir's rule last month. Al-Bashir faces an investigation related to charges of "money laundering and terrorist financing."



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