Officers’ class graduate Martyr Koçerîn Military Academy

The Military Academy of the Martyr Koçerîn in Manbij city ended training course for officers under the name of Afrin's martyrs.


Officers' class’ training course in the Martyr Koçerîn Military Academy belonging to Manbij Military Council was finished and graduation ceremonies were held.

The course lasted for 50 days, during which 32 fighters received intellectual and military lessons.

The Commander-in-Chief of Manbij Military Council Mohemmed Abu Adel, the Commander-in-Chief in Al-Bab Military Council Jamal Abo Jummah, and elite of commanders of Manbij Military Council attended graduation ceremony.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence, followed by a military parade.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Manbej Military Council, Mohemmed Abu Adel, gave a speech in which he blessed the fighters by the end of their session, wished them success in their military duties and to be were fully prepared in the trenches of the fronts with their comrades in the protection of the area.

The fighters then have sworn promising to do their military duties without hesitation.



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