​​​​​​​Official in SNDUP criticizes Russia's complicity with Turkey

Mona al-Khalaf, a female official in the Syrian National Democratic Union Party (SNDUP), said that Russia remains silent about the Turkish violations in the regions of north and east Syria, and does not play its effective role in the areas in which it is present. She added that "there is complicity, the aim of which is to give Turkey the space to occupy the region."

In light of the continuation of the Turkish attacks on separate areas of north Syria, especially Ain Issa district whose vicinity has been under the Turkish escalation since around two months, there are voices calling for an end to what Turkey is doing in Syria.

The woman official in the Syrian National Democratic Union Party, Mona al-Khalaf, told Hawar news agency that Turkey aspires to occupy Ain Issa, but the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to succeed and confront it because it works within a national political project that meets the needs of all parts of society.

Mona al-Khalaf added that "the Syrian Democratic Forces, which were formed from all components in the region, defeated ISIS mercenaries, and after the establishment and success of the Autonomous Administration that was managed by all the components, this matter provoked the ambitions of regional and international parties with interests in the Syrian territories that sought to strike the democratic nation project in the region, which has become a unique model."

She explained that the Turkish attacks on the region undermined the security and stability of the region, and led to the displacement of civilians from their areas.

Mona al-Khalaf believed that Ain Issa has great strategic importance, as it is a transportation node linking the areas east of the Euphrates with its west areas, in addition to connecting the Autonomous Administration regions with each other, and what the Turkish occupation is aspiring to is to separate the regions from each other.

Mona held the Russian guarantor responsible for the violations that occur in Ain Issa region, and stressed the need for the Russian guarantor to play an effective role towards these violations and stop them, as it is the guarantor.

The Syrian politician noted that "Russia does not want the Syrian crisis to end, and this is evidenced by the lack of its support for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and therefore the Syrian government has not opened the way for negotiations with the opposition, as this is evidence that Russia does not want to open a space for a political solution."

At the end of her speech, Mona al-Khalaf appealed to the international community and the Russian guarantor to support the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to resolve the long-standing Syrian crisis, and seek to expel the Turkish occupier from the Syrian lands.



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