Officials: SDF have been in victor's position, political victories follow

Officials of the Future Syria Party said that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been in the position of "victor" and that this will bring political victories, asserting that their party aims to open branches in all areas of Syria.


Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the officials of the Future Syria Party on the margin of the celebration held on Sunday in al-Tabqa city on the occasion of the first anniversary of the founding of the Future Syria Party.

In this context, the head of Swaida branch of the Future Syria Party Samir Azzam talked about the security he observed in the region and the unit of military reference, which preserves the security and safety of the people of the region, hoping that this safety will prevail throughout Syria.

Azzam added: "We, as the Future Syria Party, hope to live in a unified Syria, land and people, and as we are engaged in a major battle, we will deal with this issue gradually. The democratic culture in the region has been abolished for many years, and all generations in Syria have not lived a single day under democracy. For this reason, it is necessary to deal with the matter gradually without excessiveness, establish a democracy that would be constantly evolving, because we want a gradual democracy that begins with a decentralized democracy."

Azzam stressed that the aim of establishing a branch of the Future Syria Party in Swaida is "not to add a new party because there are many parties, but the new culture, the culture of the peoples' fraternity and the culture of pluralism and equality between women and men, is the primary objective. Our goal is to cultivate the culture of brotherhood, the culture of democracy and equality between women and men. We want to transfer this cultural experience in a way of transition, not coercion, and we hope this model will reach Swaida and all of Syria."

For his part, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party Ibrahim al-Faraj highlighted the victory achieved by SDF's fighters over Daesh and said: "The political situation in the region must be changed and bets will be returned that these forces were in place, but today in another site, the site of the victor, and this entails a political victory through which the political map will change and there will be a new vision and a map of the region through the heroic military action."



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