Oja: They try to evacuate Şengal from Yezidis

Falaknaz Oja said that the massacre in  Şengal targeted the will of all women in the world. Now, they are trying to evacuate  Şengal from the Yezidis with their attacks.

Six years have passed on the  Şengal massacre, the threats of the Turkish state of occupation have not ended. With the defeat of ISIS it has expanded its attacks and threats against  Şengal.

ON the 6th anniversary of 73 massacre, the deputy speaker of HDP and parliamentarian  Falakanaz Oja spoke for our agency ANHA.

Regarding the massacre, Oja said that this is a black day in the history of the Yezidis. "The Şengal  massacre not only targeted women, society and youth, but also uprooted the Yezidis . They always wanted throughout history to evacuate Şengal  from the Yazidis."

"Through the Yezidi woman, they wanted to destroy the women's will of the Middle East," ISIS mercenaries kidnapped 7,000 women before under the eyes of the world, and for the first time they were sold in the markets, not only in Mosul, but in many Middle East, and the biggest tragedy is that More than 3,000 women whose fate remains unknown, and dozens of mass graves of Yezidis have also been found. "

If we forget the massacre, we ignor the struggle of women

Oja said that the tragedy against the Yezidi women is still continuing, adding: "It is the women who protect the culture, so women were targeted, the same attacks on Afrin targeted the Yezidi women. In all parts of Kurdistan, women were the first targets.

In Bakur of Kurdistan, the Turkish state increase their attacks on women increasing struggle. They fear them.

The brutal practices of ISIS is repeated by the Turkish state with the same mentality, so if we forget the  Şengal massacre, we will not forget the resistance and the struggle of the woman, but we will increase our resistance. "

You must resist against extermination

Oja stated that more than 600,000 people were living in  Şengal before the massacre occurred, and she said, "As a result of the massacre, more than 450,000 Yazidis have been forced to flee, 33,000 people have settled in camps in Başûr Kurdistan, while 150,000 Yezidis remain in Mount Şengal, and lost. Thousands of Yezidis have lost their lives due to lack of food and water, and dozens of women have chanted "Halla Hola Tausi" as "King Hola Hola" and threw themselves out of the Şengal Mountains, to avoid falling into the hands of ISIS, and as a result of great resistance, a corridor was opened to protect the Şengalis.

The attacks of the Turkish state are dangerous for Şengal

At the end of the meeting, Oja touched on the attacks and the conspiracy against Şengal at the present time, and said: "The attacks of the Turkish state are dangerous. After 6 years of the massacre, thousands of Şengal people still live in the camps, and the Turkish state continues to launch its attacks, with each attack, the depth of Şengal wound increases. "

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