Omar: Cooperation with Turkish occupation is a betrayal

 Abdul Karim Omar described the KDP's cooperation with the occupying Turkish state as treachery, stressing the need to unite the Kurds to "protect the gains of the Kurds that the Democratic Party puts in danger by cooperating with the occupation."

 The co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Abdul Karim, evaluated to our agency the role of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in serving the Turkish occupation state, in addition to the similar role of the Kurdish National Council.

 Omar warned the Kurdistan Democratic Party of a similar end to the ends of the collaborators with the occupied Turkish state in the history of Kurdistan.

 Omar also highlighted the opportunity for the Kurds to achieve a historic victory.

 Turkey represents an existential threat to the Kurdish people

 The co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Abdul Karim Omar, highlighted the positive role of the Kurds in the region and their war against terrorism by saying: "The changes taking place in the Middle East and the role that the Kurds played in the face of terrorism and the opportunity they had by deserving their right and cause, and the whole world is indebted to the Kurds."

 Omar referred to the existential danger that Turkey poses to the Kurds, and said: "So that Turkey considers these issues as a direct threat to its existence."

 It wants to realize her Ottoman dreams

 Abdul Karim Omar recalled the bloody history of the occupied Turkish state: “The Turkish occupation was founded on the extermination of peoples, and it continues to do so, and with these policies (Turkey) wants to achieve its Ottoman dreams and repeat the Milli Pact, especially with the approaching centenary of the Lausanne Agreement, which will end in 2023.”

 Omar pointed out to the Turkish state's strategy based on fighting the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan, "Since the beginning of the revolution in Rojava, Turkey has wanted to undermine its gains, and Turkey is not hostile to a particular part or party, but its goal is the Kurds, and for it the good Kurdish is that dead Kurdish, so  the threat to the northern and eastern regions of Syria and Southern Kurdistan and the defense zones continues," he said.

 The goal of the conspiracy is to implement genocide against the Yazidi people

 Regarding the conspiracies hatched against the region, especially since the Turkish occupation threatens to occupy Rojava and Başûr Kurdistan, Omar explains, "Turkey recently threatened to occupy new areas and this is a threat to the rest of the Kurdish people, so that its attacks began on the legitimate defense areas, and the conspiracies were applied to Şengal with a joint agreement between the occupation and Al-Kazemi and the Kurdistan Democratic Party. The goal of this conspiracy is to implement genocide against the Yazidi people."

 'After the ISIS attack on Şengal, we saw how they fled and left its people.'

 The co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria asked: "When ISIS launched an attack on Şengal and kidnapped and killed thousands of women, who escaped from Şengal and left its people up for grabs to ISIS? Where were the Iraqi government and the Iraqi army at the time? Where were the Peshmerga and the Democratic Party?  Kurdistan?, We saw how they crossed to Rojava to Başûr.

 'Başûr has become a hotspot for Turkish intelligence'

 Omar pointed out to the ongoing plans of extermination against the Kurds: "Now they want to repeat the tragedy and genocide against the Yazidi people, on the other hand, they continue their attacks on the areas of Southern Kurdistan and target national figures. Başûr Kurdistan has become an arena for the intelligence of the Turkish dead, and these operations are carried out by providing intelligence information."

 'It is treason that cannot be called another name'

  Abdul Karim Omar described: "This cooperation that takes place with the Turkish occupation is a betrayal that cannot be called another, and this is a betrayal of the Kurdish people and they will be held accountable, and history will curse them for these sabotage acts."

 'Any defeat for the Kurds will be for Başûr of Kurdistan too.

 Omar called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party "to be well aware that if Turkey was able to defeat Guerilla, this would not be a victory for the Kurds in Başûr and Rojava Kurdistan."

  Omar emphasized the unity of the Kurdish cause in the four parts of Kurdistan: "Any victory in Rojava is a victory for Başûr Kurdistan, and any defeat for Rojava is considered a defeat for Southern Kurdistan as well, because any victory for the Kurds is not a victory for a party or a part, but rather a historical victory. We have a favorable opportunity and we must seize it."  Therefore, whoever does not seize this opportunity and does not specify his position and cooperate with the Turkish occupation, we can only call it treason against the Kurdish people and against the thousands of our youth and women who were martyred for the Kurdish cause.”

 The position of the Democratic Party has not changed and adheres to its cooperation with the Turkish occupation

 Regarding the position of the people and political parties in Başûr Kurdistan, Omar said, "It is clearly visible that they denounce and oppose the Turkish threats." But, unfortunately, the position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party has not changed and is still committed to its cooperation with the Turkish occupation, and this puts the Kurdish people's gains in danger.

 'The positions of the Kurdish National Council helped the occupation implement its plans'

 Regarding the positions of the Kurdish National Council on the Turkish occupation, Omar said: "As a diplomat in Rojava and as a joint head of the Department of Foreign Relations, when we conducted any diplomatic activity abroad, the National Council stood as an impenetrable dam in front of our steps, and always sought to discredit the administration from a diplomatic point of view, and these positions  She helped the Turkish occupation implement its plans.” Omar continued: “Even on the issues of Turkish threats to occupy Başûr, northern and eastern Syria, the Kurdish National Council was helpful and justified Turkey’s occupation of areas in Rojava. This was evident during the occupation of Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê.

 'Turkey was hostile to the Kurds even before the establishment of the Kurdistan Workers' Party'

 Omar pointed to the hypocrisy of KDP officials: "They justify the attacks with the presence of the PKK. This is not a fact. Before the establishment of the PKK, the Turkish occupation did not change its hostile positions to the Kurdish people. During the past 100 years, Turkey annihilated the uprising that took place in Bakur Kurdistan."

 'The one who stood in the way of the referendum was Turkey'

 Omar addressed the Kurdistan Democratic Party: "|When you announced the referendum, what was Erdogan's position? The Turkish state underestimated their value and showed its lack of respect for the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani.  The Kurds are concerned, it (Turkey) sees its presence in ending the Kurdish people."

 'We hope that the tragedy will not be repeated in the future'

 Omar called on the Kurds to draw lessons from history, "In recent history, the Kurdish people have lost a lot as a result of establishing relations with the Turkish state and the betrayal that took place.  gains, another opportunity will not be repeated.

 Omar called on the Kurdish and Kurdish people to seize the historical opportunity to obtain their rights, "In the four parts of Kurdistan the opportunity is favorable and the Kurds have become known to all the world, and the world sees that it owes it to the Kurdish people, so that we have a role in the future in light of the changes that are taking place, this matter will have an impact on  other parts of Kurdistan.

 Ensuring the protection of these gains is the unity of the Kurdish people

 The co-chair of the External Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration, Abdul Karim Omar, stressed the need to hold a Kurdish national conference, "Since the beginning of the revolution in Rojava, we have said that ensuring the protection of these gains is the unity of the Kurdish people, and during dozens of times we have said that a Kurdish national conference should be held and a political reference should be formed to protect the gains."  Kurdishness, and building the unity of the Kurdish people, and this is the most important thing for us to play a role in the next hundred years.”



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