​​​​​​​Omer: Caesar's sanctions are result of regime's intransigence, Syrian-Syrian dialogue is solution

Amina Omar explained that the main reason for imposing Caesar’s Act on the Syrian government is its non-acceptance of any political process. She said the Syrian-Syrian dialogue fulfill the aspirations of the Syrians in building a democratic and decentralized Syria.

The United States of America imposed severe economic sanctions on the Syrian government (Caesar's Act), which was passed in the Senate in 2019, and entered into force on June 17 this year, as a result of the Syrian government violations against the Syrians since the outbreak of the nine-year Syrian revolution. It classified these practices as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, SDC, Amina Omar, explained that the main reason for imposing Caesar's Act on the Syrian state non-acceptance of any political process.

Omar pointed out that the Act came as a result of the nine-year-conflict, and the absence of any horizon for a political solution. She said: "The Syrian government preferred military operations in order to extend its control over the entire Syrian geography."

She pointed out that the real suffering is that of the Syrians: as the infrastructure was destroyed, the Syrian economy collapsed, and the Syrian people are still suffering from the ravages of this conflict, and noted: "The Syrian crisis has been prolonged as a result of the Syrian government's failure to accept political solutions, and the external interference in the Syrian issue."

"These sanctions can pressure on the Syrian regime, as they are political but of an economic effect. The collapse of the Syrian economy will lead to its weakening, enforcing it to bow to American demands on the political process, to find a solution to the Syrian crisis according to International Laws under Resolution No. 2254 ". She explained

She indicated that the best way to solve the Syrian crisis is the Syrian-Syrian dialogue. It must be between the components and the Syrian government and other parties,: "We always call for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue to find a way out of this crisis." She said.

"Syrians are distinguished by their mosaic as there are many components. They have their rights and duties within the Syrian state. The Syrian-Syrian dialogue can achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people and build a democratic Syria that meets the aspirations of all components and segments," Amina added.

The Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, confirmed that the democratic transformation that will take place is for the benefit of all the Syrian people, and opens a new page for drafting a new constitution, which guarantees the rights of all components in a democratic and decentralized Syria.

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