On 6th day, sit-in tent in Aleppo continues with influx of political parties

On 6th day, he participated in the sit-in tent organized by the Kongra Star under the slogan "We will break the isolation and break fascism and build the democratic nation" in support of the resistance of hunger strikers, political parties and civil institutions in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood.

Today, members of civil society institutions, the Syrian Democratic Council, the Syrian Women's Council, the Yezidi House, the Future Syria Party and the Democratic Union Party visited the tent in front of Martyrs' Families Council west of the neighborhood.

The events of the sit-in tent started with a minute of silence, then a speech was given on behalf of Kongra Star by Laila Khaled, she saluted the resistance of the fighters for the freedom of their homeland and the defenders of their cause and identity and their presence who declared their open hunger strike and entered the stage of strike to death.

Laila, during her speech, denounced the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan since 2011, "the women going on hunger strike of resistance led by struggler Laila Guven were able to force their will and their determination to force the Turkish authorities to allow the brother and lawyer to meet him.

After the speech of Kongra Star, a speech was delivered on behalf of the Democratic Union Party by Anisa Othman, on behalf of the strikers Rashid Rashou, on behalf of the Yazidi House member Sheyar Afrin, on behalf of the Syrian Women's Council Farida Al-Kurdi, the Democratic Society Movement Ramzi Sheikh Mousa and the Syrian Democratic Council Member Badran Hamo, and the Women's Office for Syrian Democratic Council by a member of Mayasa Taji.

All the words saluted the hunger strikers in the prisons of the Turkish occupation and assured supporting them all over the world, stressing that in the spirit of their resistance and the resistance of the leader Ocalan in Imrali ignited the spark of freedom in the world and the people became more willing to stand in front of countries that try to break their will, especially the enemies of humanity who follow the policy Denial and murder of the people.

The parties and participants also called on humanitarian and human rights organizations in the world to stand by the campaign of resistance fighters and meet their demands to lift the isolation of leader Ocalan.

The event featured slogans that salute the strikers' resistance and demand the freedom of leader Ocalan.


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