​​​​​​​On International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women ... Calls for world free of violence

Newroz Cultural and Social Association held a symposium at its headquarters in the Lebanese capital Beirut, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, in the presence of figures from women's organizations, civil society and human rights activists, during which several speeches were delivered calling for alliance and solidarity towards a world free of violence and dominated by gender equality.

The Association head, Hanan Othman welcomed the attendees, and said: “In 2020 we welcome this day in an atmosphere, systematic violence against women has escalated all over the world, and at all levels; with wars, forced displacement, unemployment, poverty, rape, kidnapping, abuse. ... "

Othman stressed that "violence against women is no of coincidence, rather it is more than 5 thousand years old, but the debate on the issue has taken international and national dimension after the assassination of the Mirabal sisters from 1960, the struggle continues ... and the current stage with the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, the domestic violence against women has emerged despite the anti-women's campaigns, and its increase is evidence of the extent to which racist patriarchal regimes terrify the identity of a free woman, and this is related to the feminist struggle.

The head of the Newroz association added, "Women all over the world stand in solidarity against the fascist male mentality, in Kurdistan there is tremendous resistance against Erdogan's dictatorship, and in Lebanon and Palestine against racism, even Brazil and Hungary ... These regimes assassinate women daily, starting with the assassination of the Kurdish engineer Havrin." Khalaf, leading to the massacre that was carried out in Kobane against Zahra, Amina and Habun, reaching Libya, and the assassination of lawyer Hanan Al-Barassi.

Othman concluded her speech by stressing, "The necessity of women rallying together against the occupation and male violence, and saluting the female prisoners and defenders of women rights, calling for a focus on joint action, networking, union and transitional feminist alliance for any politics and nationalism for a world free of violence and dominated by equality."

While the head of the (Jin) Women's Association, Bushra Ali, spoke about the women's initiative against the occupation, the human rights lawyer, environmental activist and head of the (Health and Shield) association, Safia Zaza gave a speech about the causes and types of violence against women, and the legal aspects of violence. She also gave vivid examples and testimonies that had been subjected to violence, and called for raising the voice against violence, because those one who keep silent about violence are participant in it. She also called for raising children on the basis of gender equality so that society prevails in social justice and equality .

While she talked about the importance of awareness-raising in remote areas, Attorney Safia Zaza asked the attendees to contact her if they have any complaint or problem to help them reduce these phenomena.

The Syrian Women’s Council also had a speech by Iman Fateh. She thanked the Newroz Association for this initiative despite the spread of the Coronavirus spike and the importance of networking among women's organizations.

Today, Wednesday, November 25, marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, while violence against women remains an obstacle to achieving equality, development and peace in all countries of the world, rich and poor alike, and there are historical obstacles in all cultures that hinder women's access to Their rights around the world.

As for the statistics, they are very frightening, as one in three women is exposed to violence around the world, and nearly 750 million girls are married before they reach the age of eighteen, and women constitute 71 percent of all trafficking victims around the world.



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