On Kobani's victory anniversary, Turkey, its mercenaries are new threat to region, world!

Six years have passed since the victory of Kobani resistance over ISIS mercenaries was declared, which was the beginning of ISIS' collapse, but it did not take long for a new threat to come back to the front that not only threatens the regions of north and east Syria, but the world.

On the 15th of September 2014, ISIS's hordes marched towards the besieged city of Kobani from its four sides, and only a few days passed until it occupied hundreds of villages, and reached the outskirts of the city to begin a brutal war that lasted for 134 days in its streets.

The 26th of January 2015 became a date that the people of Kobani and the region will not forget, when the resistant fighters from within the city walls declared their victory over ISIS.

After this date, ISIS began to collapse in north and east Syria in the face of strikes by the People and Women Protection Units, then the Syrian Democratic Forces, until it came to losing its last strongholds in the town of al-Baghouz in March 2019.

ISIS had terrorized the world, as dozens of countries were forced to form an alliance to defeat it, and the battles that the Iraqi and Syrian armies lost in the face of the mercenaries were countless, the terrorist operations they carried out in the west and east of the world had claimed the lives of hundreds of people of all ethnicities and religions.

Although ISIS has left the lands it controlled, its cells are still alive and active in several Syrian regions.

A new threat threatens the region and the world!


The Co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region, Mohamed Shaheen, says: "Despite the elimination of ISIS mercenaries, some cells run by Turkey are still trying to undermine the Autonomous Administration, and what is not hidden from view are those mercenaries who are in Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Girê Spî, as the extremists in these occupied cities are still trying by various means to run a radical government with extremist laws."

He added: "In north Syria, the Autonomous Administration was formed depending on all components, but the extremists and behind them the Turkish occupation seek to eliminate this free will and prevent the people from managing themselves, so that they can impose their radical regimes."

In the Syrian areas occupied by Turkey, extremists' state features are crystallizing that Turkey is working to create, and many parties have documented the names of hundreds of former leaders and elements of ISIS active in the ranks of the groups affiliated with Turkey.

The world has realized in recent years that Turkey is the main supporter of mercenaries in Syria, and its borders have always been open to the influx of foreigners into Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

In addition, agents who worked for Turkey in the Autonomous Administration regions revealed in the confessions of the security forces that arrested them that Turkey has camps inside its territory in which it is training Syrians, and among them are former ISIS operatives and leaders.

The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Anwar Muslim, speaks from the hill of Mushta Noor on the outskirts of the city of Kobani, and says: "Close to where we are sitting now, and at a distance of about 10 meters, the fighter in the ranks of the Women Protection Units Arin Mirkan carried out a self-sacrifice operation against ISIS after she refused to surrender her city to ISIS. In this spirit, the resistance that made Kobani the torch of freedom for the whole world triumphed."

He added: "But let us not deceive ourselves because until now, Turkey is still seeking to repeat that scenario, and it is still supporting and training terrorists for this purpose."


Anwar Muslim explains: "Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens, Armenians and Syriacs, all of them now live together in freedom and democracy within these areas, and they enjoy security and safety, but this life contradicts the principles of the Justice and Development Government. We and the world sees that hundreds of ISIS elements, princes and judges have joined Turkey's mercenaries."

Muslim believes that these do not only threaten the regions of north and east Syria, as we have seen what happened in Libya, Azerbaijan, Southern Kurdistan, north-east Syria. These mercenaries are known to the people in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî that they were among the mercenaries of ISIS, but with new clothes and a new way, Turkey contained them and sent them to fight in several areas."

Danger obliges the international community to act

Observers believe that the threat of Turkish mercenary groups is no longer limited to Syria and north-east Syria in particular, but rather goes beyond the borders of several countries in the region.

Turkey's sending of these mercenaries to Libya and the Nagorno Karabakh region, in addition to the existence of plans to send them to other conflict zones was a clear indication that the danger is now threatening the entire world, just as the threat of ISIS was years ago.

The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Anwar Muslim, says: "During the Kobani resistance, the occupation of Afrin, and the occupation that took place in the rest of the regions, we alerted the international community and are still alerting them to the danger that lies behind Turkey's training of these mercenaries, and the intentions that Turkey hides, through which it wants to occupy the regions of north and east Syria and several other countries.

The world saw this recently when it has attacked Ain Issa, and we saw the Russian silence that accompanied the attack while Russia was supposed to play its role as guarantor of the ceasefire."

Anwar Muslim emphasized that "Turkey and its mercenaries do not want the people of the region to live in peace on their land, and the international community has alerted us to this, and we said that Turkey is a party to deepening the Syrian crisis and not a party to the solution.

The solution to the Syrian crisis must be at the hands of Syrians. There are now 5 million citizens living in north and east Syria. Their opinion should not be ignored by the international meetings."



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