On the 32nd day … Massive attacks by Turkish drones, killing 5 and wounding 26 regime forces

Tal -Tamr and Ain Issa rural areas witnessed violent attacks in which the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries used drones and heavy weapons, resulted in the killing 5 and wounding 26 Syrian regime forces, including two officers, and a number of civilians lost their lives.

 On the 32nd day of the attacks and the invasion of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra on the north and east of Syria, attacks and shelling on the villages of Tal Tamr and Ain Issa intensified and targeted civilians.

Violent attacks on Tal Tamr countryside, 5 regime forces killed and 26 others injured

Turkish drones bombed al-Qasimiya village in Tal Tamr countryside and Zaidiya village in Zarkan area, while Umm al-Kahf village in Tal Tamr countryside exposed to artillery shelling, causing material damage to civilians' properties.

Turkish drones of the Turkish occupation army targeted vehicles of the Syrian regime forces loaded with heavy weapons in the countryside of Tel- Tamr, this came in conjunction with the shelling of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in the villages of Tal Tamr countryside, which resulted in the death of 5 elements of the Syrian regime, and 26 others were injured. In addition, a reporter of the Syrian news channel "Al-ikhbaria" was injured by the shelling of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army on the village of Umm al-Shu'ayfa. Among the wounded were Major General Ahmad Sharif Ahmed and Colonel Munif Mansour, two officers of the Syrian regime forces.

Nurse Aram Ahmed, a member of the medical staff who went to the village of Deldara in Tal Tamr countryside to get the wounded, was injured after being targeted by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Sources confirmed that the Turkish occupation army sent armored vehicles and ambulances to the villages of Tel- Tamr, which is witnessing clashes in order to transport their wounded and dead bodies.

Turkish drones kill and injure civilians in the villages of Ain Issa

Drones of the Turkish occupation army target Heisha town, located southeast of Ain Issa in conjunction with the hovering of warplanes, the shelling killed two civilians and wounded five who were working on their land and picking cotton.

SDF confronts attacks, kills and injures more than 10 mercenaries

SDF confirmed that in order to expand the occupation area and seize more villages and the international road M4, the Turkish invasion army and its mercenaries attacked the villages of Khirbet Karim, Debs and al-Khalidiya. SDF responded to them and erupted fierce battles, resulted in the killing two mercenaries and injuring two others and damaging a tank.

With heavy weapons and drones, Turkey's mercenaries attacked residential areas, the villages of Shirkrak, Tabina and Masoudiay while SDF responded them, resulted in the killing three mercenaries and wounding four others.

In this heroic resistance, two SDF fighters rose to the rank of martyrdom.

The occupation army kills protesters and AA denounces

On the other hand, civilians lost their lives and others were injured during a demonstration against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in villages in the area of Sri Kane. The demonstrators went out in the villages of Tal Halaf and al-Dweira in the area of Serêkaniyê, but the Turkish army and its mercenaries responded by shooting fire, resulted in the killing and injuring protesters.

The Autonomous Administration thanks those who contributed to the campaign to boycott Turkish goods

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria thanked all institutions and traders who boycotted Turkish goods, calling on the world countries to impose sanctions on Turkey, which commits the most heinous crimes against the people of northern and eastern Syria.



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