​​​​​​​On the sixth anniversary ... the YH calls on Yazidi  to hold on to their Autonomous Administration

The Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera region demanded the Yazidi people in Şengal to be united in defending  its ancient history and heritage, holding on to their Autonomous Administration, and called on the world to recall this crime in all its details, and take lessons from it to correct its directions, if it is really looking for a desired future for the peoples of the world.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the ISIS mercenary attack on the Şengal regions of Başûr of Kurdistan in 2014, in which mercenaries committed massacres against the Yazidi people, killed 2213 Yazidis, displaced more than 390,000, and kidnapped 6,417 children and women.

This massacre is the second largest massacre and genocide committed against people in modern times, and 74 in the history of the Yezidis.

In this context, the Yazidi House in the Al-Jazeera region issued a statement to the public during a press conference held in the village of Barzan in the city of Al-Hasakah, the Co-chair of of the Yazidis House , Farouk Tozu, in the presence of dozens of Yazidis.

The text of the statement is as follows:

"With deep grief and great sadness, we recall the tragedy of Şengal that took place on August 3, 2014, when our people were subjected to the most brutal attacks during human history, and it seemed to the far and near that it was intending to eliminate the entire people, and erase its impact on the ground, led by the terrorist organization ISIS as a front for the global system, working to develop plans that serve its interests, not caring about the destruction of a peaceful people, living on its historical land that no one jostled with, but was subjected to various types of grievances, motivated by the hatred of the misguided neighborhood, sometimes with racist ideas, as well as by the severe racism rule that characterized the Ottoman Empire at other times.

The narration of these grievances does not fit the pages, those grievances culminated in the brutal barbarism that this criminal organization carried out through its brutal attacks, so the burial of human beings alive and captivity of women and the revitalization of slave markets before the eyes of the world that has become a small village, as bragging decision makers meet.

As we recall this black day, we call upon the public conscience to restore the memories of this crime in all its details, and not to overlook it as a crossing and a motive to correct its directions, if it is really looking for a desired future for the peoples of the world.

We also call upon our people of Şengal to be stubbornly united in defending its mountain, its plains, its history and its ancient heritage, which is deep in time, and for Yazidkhan to become a reality on the ground by holding on to its Autonomous Administration that brought the sacrifices of his young women and youth through the cries of children and women during the malevolent invasion.

We also do not forget in these historical moments the endowment of the YPG and women, which were the hope of preserving what could be preserved.

Greetings to YPŞ forearms, YJŞ, those arms that raise the banner of right to defend our holiest, shame and disgrace to everyone who contributed to the attack on Şengal implementation, participation and light-hearted silence.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs of Şengal, and through them all the martyrs of dignity from the Kurdistan People's Defense Forces and the People's and Women Protection Units and all the innocent people who died in defense of Şengal. "

The statement ended with slogans reviving Şengal resistance.



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