One person killed, 6 injured in Azaz explosion

A motorcycle explosion in the city of Azaz killed one person and injured six others.

A motorcycle exploded this morning near al-Metem mosque in Al-Sentar neighborhood in the center of Azaz city in Aleppo northern countryside

The explosion, according to the sources, resulted in the death of one person, Mohammed Bakri Abboud, from the town of Tal Rifaat.

The names of the wounded are: Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Areed from Azaz 45 years old, Mahmoud Al-Ahdab from Jibreen 49 years old, Mustafa Mohammed Dahlik from Azaz 16 years old, Wessi Mohammed Sheikho from Azaz 16 years old, Ahmed Ragheb Al-Najm from Azaz 16 years old, Hani Al - Saleh - 21 years old.



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