One year passed on Anna Campbell's martyrdom, her corpse is still at Turkish occupations' hands

One year has passed on the martyrdom of the British fighter Helen Qereçox whose real name is Anna Campbell, at 26 years, in Afrin canton, and the Turkish occupation has not given any information or handed over her corpse to her family that has repeatedly demanded her corpse. She said before her martyrdom, "I see victory in the resistant people of Afrin."


Rojava Revolution and the pioneer role of the Women Protection Units (YPJ) in confront of IS have attracted international fighters from all over the world, where many international fighters in the ranks of People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) had martyred in the battles in north and east of Syria.

The British fighter Anna Campbell whose nom de guerre was Helen Qereçox was martyred on March 15, 2018 by a raid of the Turkish occupation on al-Ashrafieh neighborhood in Afrin city.

After the announcement of Women Protection Units (YPJ) the martyrdom of their fighter Anna Campbell in Afrin, the struggler's family demanded the British government to take over the corpse of their daughter, so Britain considered the issue as political.

A glimpse of the British fighter

In May 2017, Helen joined the ranks of the Women Protection Units, underwent extensive intellectual and military training, and participated in several liberation campaigns in north and east of Syria, including Deir-ez-Zor areas.

Before Helen going to Afrin, she had recorded a video published later saying, "I joined YPJ because I wanted to support Rojava Revolution and participate in the women's revolution. I joined the armed struggle against the fascist forces and enemies of the revolution. I am very happy to go to Afrin."

What she said to Hawar news agency (ANHA) during an interview

Before the martyrdom of the fighter Helen, our agency Hawar news agency (ANHA) had interviewed with her in Afrin, as it prepared a special interview with her, and she deliberately did not show her face or real identity. She indicated that it stopped studying in 2011 to rebel against the concept of the state that tightens the stranglehold on the people.

Helen took part in the activities organized by the Kurdish community in Europe to support Rojava Revolution and thus she had been curious about the revolution of Rojava, so she decided to participate in the revolution known as the revolution of women.

She saw in the resistance of the people of Afrin a new revolution against the Turkish fascism, she said at the time, "I see the victory in the people of Afrin, I am sure that the people will win because of their resistance and strong will."



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