Op in al-Dali by Arab Coalition

The Arab Coalition in Yemen announced the start of a process of targeting the objectives of the Houthi forces in the province of al-Dali and continued shelling of the sites of the Houthis in Marib and Taiz.

"The operation is in line with international and humanitarian law and we have taken all measures to protect civilians," the coalition said.

The coalition also called on civilians in the province not to approach targeted sites.

The coalition also stressed "the operation in al-Dali aimed at neutralizing the Houthi capabilities to carry out hostilities," stressing that "our efforts are continuing against the Houthis to maintain regional and international security and stability."

The Yemeni army also announced the killing and wounding of elements of the Ansar Allah al-Houthis Forces, an aerial bombardment of the Arab alliance on the province of Marib, northeast of Yemen.

"The coalition fighters launched on Tuesday air raids on the Houthi forces west of the Directorate of Sarawah (West Mar)," according to the site of the Yemeni army, "September 26," according to Sputnik.

The raids left dead and injured among the Houthis forces and destroyed a number of their vehicles.

In the province of Taiz south-west Yemen, the media center of "Ansar Allah", on Twitter, said "the fighters of al-Jemaa thwarted the crawl of the Yemeni army in the front of Heifan south of Taiz.



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