Opponent: EU countries try to get rid of Daesh through Bagadad

Syrian writer and opponent Ahmed al-Derzi said that the European Union is trying to get rid of the Daesh detainees in the north and east of Syria, using Iraq.

The Syrian opponent writer Ahmad al-Derzi explained to Hawar news agency (ANHA) that with the outbreak of the war in Syria and following the disturbances that took place in mid-March 2011, the alignment and polarization of the local, regional and international were clear. He said: "All the countries involved in the Syrian war rushed to practice all kinds of political, economic and military policies to achieve the desired objectives of each parties."

He pointed out that the EU countries did not depart from the interventionist policies. "One of the policies adopted was to allow a group of fundamentalist networks, in cooperation with the Turkish intelligence services mainly, and the rest of the countries to attract the jihadist elements who are existed in the European Union countries and send them to Syria, in order to get rid of them."

After the declaration of the Syrian Democratic Forces to liberate the entire geography of north and east of Syria from Daesh mercenaries ,announced the presence of nearly 6,000 Daesh mercenaries are being held in detention centers, most of them have the Western and European nationalities, and the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria has repeatedly demanded during a statement, March 25 this year, the international community to establish special courts to try Daesh who are detained by SDF in north and east of Syria because Daesh mercenaries have committed war crimes there.

In this context, al-Derzi noted that the policies followed in Syria did not achieve what was hoped for and put them in a predicament. He said: "Not all jihadist elements have been eliminated. This has put them in a critical predicament because of the possibility of returning these elements to the basic countries from which they were launched. Therefore, the implicit European decision was to get rid of these elements, either by executing them or by building their own Guantanamo-like prisons in countries whose laws allow for executions or life imprisonment without being charged with violating the civil rights of detainees. "

On the international community's unresponsiveness so far to the demands of SDF and AA to establish an international tribunal for Daseh detainees, and Iraqi government demanded to try Daseh mercenaries in Iraq, Ahmed al-Derzi: "The goal of European countries to get rid of the jihadists without returning them to their country using Baghdad, Baghdad, which has international legitimacy, in addition to the nature of the laws that allow the execution of jihadists and without responsibility for their countries, which will remain silent as long as Baghdad will not allow them to return to their countries.



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