Osu all components must share in drafting constitution committee

The co-chair of al-Hasakeh Canton Council, Abdul Ghani Osu, expressed the rejection of any constitution that does not include all components of the region, He said: "The Syrian constitution must be shared by all the sects and components in Syria, at that time it is a recognized constitution."

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria does not recognize the constitutional committee, and despite what has been said about the committee, it does not constitute a push towards a solution in Syria, it came within the framework of the understandings of the "guarantor countries" in Astana. The role of these countries is known in the destruction of Syria and the legitimatized of the occupation, especially the Turkish occupation of about 10 percent of the area of Syria.

The co-chair of al-Hasakeh Canton Council, Abdul Ghani Osu, agrees with the views that do not see a chance in the committee's success as it is absent an effective component in Syria. 'The events that took place in Syria are all intervened by foreign countries such as Turkey, Iran and Russia, these countries interfere in Syrian affairs in general, '' he said.

Abdul Ghani Osu said, "The Constitutional Committee that was formed should be the Syrian society of all spectra who participate in this committee. The SDF protected northern and eastern Syria, about 30% of the geography of Syria from ISIS mercenaries and others, but they are not part of the constitutional committee that was formed. "

The Constitutional Committee 's declaration contravenes UN Resolution 2,254 because the UN Security Council resolution provides for a political transition and a cessation of war first before the constitution is spoken.

Osu said, "This committee formed against international laws and customs and contrary to all the human values on which the laws are based, because the peoples in the region are determining their demands and not foreign countries."

Osu linked the recognition of the constitution to the participation of all components of Syria in its preparation, and said, "must share in the Syrian constitution of all spectra and components in Syria, then it will be a recognized constitution."



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