Othman Sheikh Issa: How to trust army ,mercenaries destroyed Afrin

Othman Sheikh Issa called Afrin people not to be dragged behind the fabrications and lies of the Turkish media to return to Afrin, and said, "How do we trust an army and mercenaries destroyed Afrin ?".


Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviwed with the Co-chair of the Executive Council of Afrin canton , Othman Sheikh Issa, where he confirmed that the Turkish media shows that he did not bomb Afrin with the aim of deceiving the people, adding that anyone who returns to Afrin at this time will be unknown.

Sheikh Issa said at the beginning of his speech that the Turkish occupation shows that Afrin has not been subjected to shelling and destruction, and that it is calm and that they are seeking to provide all services. He continued, "He wants this propaganda campaign to start his occupation of Afrin canton and to encourage people who came to Shahbaa as a safer area To return to Afrin, and to give legitimacy to the councils that were established by them " .

Sheikh Issa said during his speech that information about the practice of the Turkish occupation army in Afrin killed, imprisoned and assaulted women and girls in Afrin,and added  many cases of looting and theft is common among mercenaries, and there is great fear and concern towards the people stranded in Afrin.

Sheikh Issa called on Afrin people not to be dragged behind the rumors of the Turkish media, which shows the Turkish occupation in a beautiful face than the real face and continued, "How can trust the army and mercenaries destroyed Afrin by aircraft and missiles ."

Sheikh Issa noted at the end of his speech that they are vigilant administration of the plans of the Turkish occupation and that they try as much as possible to help the people, stressing that there is a procrastination of international relief and health organizations, pointing out that the health situation is not good and there is a shortage of medicines.



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