Othman: World states must change their policies to maintain security, stability in area

The official spokesman of SDC Amjad Othman has stressed that the international policy must take into consideration the stability in the area, taking all the measures in order to prevent emergence "terrorist gangs", alluding that IS' large numbers would threat whole the world, and all the parties must take their responsibility.


"Today there is an opportunity to maintain security and stability by supporting the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA of the north and east of Syria, IS' mercenaries were overwhelmingly defeated by virtue of the sacrifices of their children, who were a threat to the whole world.

The world owes the sons of northern and eastern Syria

The Official spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Council. SDC said "The fact that the terrorism of mercenaries was a threat to many world countries, and the sacrifices of the children of the north and east of Syria, defeated terrorism and achieved great benefits and the humanitarian and moral duty requires the support of these forces, which constitute a force to resolve the Syrian crisis and stability in the region. Therefore, SDC must represent any political solution to the Syrian crisis and the direction towards peace that it has fought for all these years. "

IS' detainees are big a problem

On the fate of IS' mercenaries and their families detained by the SDF, Amjad Ottoman pointed out that the mercenaries detained by them are a big problem, as many of the world countries refused the return of mercenaries with the nationality of those countries to them. "Therefore, the numbers of these mercenaries are very large, and these countries have to cooperate with DAA in north and east of Syria to solve this problem through the trial of these IS.



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