​​​​​​​Outcome of crimes in occupied Afrin in September: 75 citizens kidnapped, two new settlements established

 Last September, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and its intelligence apparatus kidnapped 75 male and female citizens. They cut down 19,000 forest trees and seized 17,000 olive trees. They also proceeded to consolidate demographic change by building two new settlements in the occupied canton of Afrin.

The Turkish occupation army, its intelligence and its mercenaries continue to commit crimes against the remaining residents of Afrin, and systematically work to destroy its nature and change its demography and history, with the aim of consolidating its occupation in it and annexing it to Turkish lands.

With the occupation of the province, it witnessed crimes and violations of the shame of humanity, aiming to turn the history of the province upside down, without reactions from international forces and human rights and human rights organizations.

The kidnapping of 75 citizens, including women and minors, during September

According to information obtained by our agency from the Human Rights Organization Afrin - Syria, which monitors the crimes of the occupation in the occupied canton of Afrin, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and its intelligence apparatus kidnapped during September 75 citizens, including 5 female citizens and 3 minors, in order to push them into forced displacement to facilitate the demographic change in force since the occupation of Afrin canton in March 2018.

In the areas of Rajo and Bulbul, which are adjacent to the Turkish borders, the occupation, through its intelligence and mercenaries (Al-Mu’tasim Billah, Al-Hamzat mercenaries, and Faylaq Al-Sham mercenaries), kidnapped 12 citizens, including two female citizens, who are:

Thinaa Nimar Al-Qarasali, 43, Rojin Omar Qazzouz, Ahmed Rashid Mustafa, 75, Mustafa Mustafa Manan Sido, 60, Shaaban Sido, 30, Hamza Mustafa Mustafa, 27, Abdul Qader Shaaban Sido (24 years old), Hanan Hashko, 55, Massoud Omar Hero, 40, Soran Khalil Khalil, Yasser Naasan, Dlovan Ismail Hamza.

As for the Shirawa and Janders districts, mercenaries (Tahrir al-Sham, the Civil Police, al-Hamzat, Faylaq al-Sham, and the Samarkand Brigade) and Turkish intelligence kidnapped 17 citizens, including two minors and a woman:

Shiraz Khalil Muhammad (29 years), Muhammad Ahmad Abdo (17 years), Izz El-Din Rashid (17 years), Adel Muhammad Kanjo (34 years), Hassan Salan Mustafa (29 years), Abdullah Abdul Karim Mansour (34 years),  Mustafa Failak Nasu (25 years), Majed Ibrahim Khalil Muhammad (23 years), Adnan Suleiman Bakr (43 years), Muhammad Muhammad Oso (23 years), Basil Muhammad Ali (25 years), Mahmoud Mahmoud Muhammad (32 years), Saleh  Jassem Al-Ahmad (41 years old), Talal Abdel Rahman Musa (31 years old), Muhammad Coleen Rashid, Ahmad Ahmad Abdo and Muhammad Ahmad Salloum.

In the center of Afrin canton and the districts of Mobata, Shiye and Shera, the mercenaries of Political Security, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the Hamzat mercenaries, Faylaq al-Sham, the Al-Jabha Al-Shamia and Turkish intelligence mercenaries kidnapped 44 citizens, including the elderly, two women and a minor:

Ali Saleh (15 years), Sabah Kilij (65 years), Aisha Muhammad Naasan (50 years), Ahmed Battal (90 years), Hanan Aliko (80 years), Ezzat Bakr Ali (70 years), Muhammad Khaliq Allah Mustafa (70 years)  Muhammad Bakr (65 years), Uri Simo (35 years), Muhammad Bakr Jarko (34 years), Jihad Daoud (50 years), Sabri Ahmed Muhammad (48 years),Kolin Bakr Ali (50 years), Mustafa Stu (35 years), Muhammad Khalo (42 years old), Karmo Muhammad, Khalil Khalil Ali, Jamil Ali Khalil, Muhammad Kafan Ali, Khalil Hanif Kafano, Riyad Khaled Juha, and Yasser Youssef Zameh.

 In addition to 22 other citizens whose names could not be known.

 More than 19 thousand forest trees were cut down and 17 thousand olive trees were seized

According to the Afrin-Syria Human Rights Organization, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation cut down more than 19,000 forest trees in the occupied canton of Afrin, in the following areas:

* In the town of Medanki: 4 thousand forest trees.

 Ashkan Gharbi, Janders district: 3,000 forest trees.

* Juman village in Janders district, two thousand forest trees.

* Jahannam mountain surrounding the villages of Rota and Ramadana, which belong to Janders district, has 10,000 forest trees.

In addition, the occupation mercenaries burned the forests of the village of Kafr Safra and Hajj Hasna, which belong to Jandris district, and the forest of Kakhira village in Mobata district.

The mercenaries also seized more than 17,000 olive trees belonging to the people of the villages of Janders district, which are (the villages of Hajj Hasna al-Fawqani and al-Tahtani, the village of Ramdana, the village of Rota, the village of Tatara, and the village of Kafr Safra).

 Establishment of two new settlements in occupied Afrin

The organization also said that the so-called "Wafa Al-Muhsinin" association has started the establishment of a new settlement in the village of Kafr Safra, in the district of Jandris.

The so-called "Al-Ayyad Al-Bayda" association built a settlement in the forests of Qatma village in Shara district.

The Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries are seeking through these crimes to displace the remaining Kurds and settle the families of its mercenaries in the occupied canton of Afrin. Before the occupation of Afrin on March 18, 2018, the proportion of Kurds was close to 95 percent of the total population of the canton, but it shrank to about 23 percent.  As a result of the crimes of the occupation and the systematic practices it uses to displace them.



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