Outcome of shelling against targeted regions

The Turkish occupation state is shelling several areas in the cantons of Hassakeh, Qamishlo, Kobane, Gire Spi and Manbij and villages in occupied Afrin`s Sherawa district. Several civilians have been martyred and injured as a result in addition to material damages caused to the houses and properties of the citizens.

Yesterday, after mid-night the Turkish occupation state shelled the villages Qirmane and Chetil in the western countryside of Hassakeh canton`s Dirbesiye district in addition to Jirnik vilalge in western countryside of Qamishlo canton`s Amude district.

The vicinity of the Syriac Sotoro Forces`s Academy in Routan village in the north-western countryside of Qamishlo canton`s Tirbespiye district.

As a result of the shelling against the district of Zirgan in Hassakeh canton, a 11 year old child named Tamim Faysal Hamid was injured.

The Turkish occupation state shelled the villages Gozaliye, Tel Leben, Um Al-Kheyr, the Assyrian village of Tel Tawil, Selmase and Tawil village in Tel Tamir district`s western countryside

Simultaneously, the Turkish occupation state targeted several areas in the reigon of Al Jazeera. The occupation shelled the villages Arida, Laqlido, Sawan, Khirbet Baqir and Goberlik  in the western countryside of occupied Gire Spi canton with heavy weapons.

From Kobane canton, our correspondent reports that the Turkish occupation state targeted the city center of Kobane and its vicinity. Additionaly, the villages in Kobane western and eastern countrysides were targeted with artillery.

According to our correspondents, the villages Botan, Seftik Saylim, Ashme, Bayadiye along the Syria-Turkey border in western Kobane were subjected to shelling by the Turkish occupation state. The town of Sheikhler adjacent to occupied Jarablus city on the east bank of the Euphrates river was also shelled.

As a result of the shelling against Zorava village in western Kobane, a 12-year old child named Abid Muhammed Haji was martyred  and Abid Khalaf (40), Marwa Hamdo(40) from Seftik village were injured. Additionaly, a 2-year old child named Khalil Jihad Sheikho was injured in Kobane city.

In eastern Kobane, the Turkish occupation state shelled the villages Khirabisan, Qaramokh, Goran, Hiho, Alisher, Mersmil and neighborhood of Kaniya Kurdan in eastern Kobane.

Our correspondent stated that the Turkish occupation attacking the city center with heavy weapons from their bases situated adjacent to Kobane.

In Manbij, the Turkish occupation state shelled the villages Jat, Masi, Hosheriye north of the city as well as the north-eastern area of the city with mortars. Until this moment, 14 shells have landed in these areas.

The Turkish occupation state has also shelled the villages Bene, Sokhanek and Qinetra in occupied Afrin canton`s Sherawa district.



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