Outcome of the Turkish bombardment on zarghan and Tal Tamr districts last night.

The Turkish occupation shelling on areas in the western countryside of Hasaka Canton injured a citizen and damaged the property of citizens and the building of the internal security forces, in second violent bombardment in the last 24 hours.

The Turkish occupation army continues its shelling on North and East of Syria, where yesterday it intensified its shelling on zarghan and Tal Tamr districts of Hasaka Canton, resulting in the injury of a citizen and material damage to the property of citizens.

During the last 24 hours, zarghan and Tal Tamr districts have witnessed violent shelling by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, which began from the zarghan side to expand the area of shelling to include Tal Tamr.

The shelling started at 17:00 on Northern, Southern and western countryside of zarghan district, and later the area of shelling expanded to the center of the district, targeting the "western neighborhood and the southern neighborhood", and then to Tal tamr, as the shelling began on the district at 18:00 targeting the villages of Dardara and A'abush, located north of the district and on the road connecting the district with zarghan.

The bombardment, which affected the Zarghan district, focused on the villages of Al-Asadiya and Al-Matmura in the northern countryside, Al-Musherfa and Khirbet al-Shaer on the southern side, and Al-Shur and Khirbet al-Dakhil on the eastern side.

The bombing caused damage to the homes and property of citizens, including 2 houses in the center of zarghan district, one belonging to Ismail khishman, the other to the citizen Mohammad Salimo, and another house in the village of Al-Matmura belonging to citizen Safa al-barghuth.

The bombing resulted in the injury of 23-year-old Ayshar Hussein al-Kamuri, in the village of al-Matmura in northern countryside of Zarghan district.

 The bombing also targeted the internal security forces building in the center of zarghan district, this was confirmed by a statement published by the internal security forces of north and east Syria on its official website last night.

the statement reads: "The homes of citizens and the center of our forces in zarghan district were bombed by the artillery of Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on Tuesday evening, the continues bombardment is only a continuation of the displacement policy practiced by the Turkish occupation state towards the residents of our regions, in light of the international community silence about these attacks."



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