Outline of Hawar News Agency Center 13-1-2020

- Following-up  the events taking place in north eastern Syria.

 - Following-up the Age Resistance in its second phase.

- Following-up the events and activities in north eastern Syria.

 - Residents of Qamishlo city bid farewell  the bodies of martyrs of the Dignity Resistance   to their final resting place at Martyr, Dalil Sarokhan Shrine  at 13:00 (attached with photos and videos ).

- one of Al Sharabyin clan notables pointed out that the Arab tribes has a role in establishing SDF forces. Tribesmen are still joining to it, stressing the solidarity between the components failed to sow the strife between components of north east Syria. ( attached with photos and videos)

 - Lawyers, engineers and teachers of Tirbespia area have shown that the Turkish authorities stands against any democratic project ,tries in all ways to prevent any peace in the region, and the severe isolation of Commander Ocalan is proof of this. (Attached with photos and video(.

-Al Hasake city people demanded from the Kurdish parties to work on uniting the Kurdish row for fulfilling the demands of their people and said :"people since a unified time, the unity is only required by some Kurdish parties , the have to accept the available conditions( attached with photos and videos )

 - The forcibly displaced people of Afrin to Al-Shehaba Canton and the villages of Shirawa district, demanded leaving the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries  the occupied Canton of Afrin and affirmed their determination to remain in Al Shehaba until Afrin is liberated. (Attached with photos and video(.


-Abboud Misko explained that most of the political parties  who were invited to attending the dialogue on national unity attended, except  the Parties of the Kurdish National Council, and said: "They did not meet the invitation, and did not participate in the seminars that were organized." (Attached with photos and video(.

Dr. Abdul Karim Sko, the  head of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria and the general coordinator of the union of the Kurdish Parties powers in Rojava, pointed out that the Kurdish National Council is stalling to thwart all projects aimed at unity of  the Kurdish party . (Attached with photos and video ( attached with photos and videos )

 - The Ottomans committed horrible massacres against the Libyans, which are still stuck in the minds of its people to this day, and Erdogan tried to restore the glories of his bloody ancestors through militant groups since the outbreak of the revolution in Libya in 2011, and repeatedly failed as in Syria, finally intervening himself for fear of the fall of the last castles of rule his political Islam, which in turn will close its doors to Africa and the Mediterranean. (Attached with photos and videos  ).