Ouyahia called on  Bouteflika to resign officially

The Secretary-General of the Algerian National Democratic Rally Party, Ahmed Ouyahia, called on President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika to resign officially.


"The National Democratic Rally Party recommends the resignation of the President of the Republic in accordance with article 102, paragraph 4, of the constitution, in order to facilitate the entry of the country into the transitional path defined by the constitution," the party said in a statement on Wednesday.

The party stressed that it "is following with great interest the developments in the situation in the country, like all citizens seeking for the safety of Algeria."

He added that "the party discussed in the last meeting between the secretaries of state offices to discuss the situation in the country and to develop a vision was intended to be presented to the authority in the course of consultations, and the perception of either the political track announced by the President of the Republic or resort to the provisions of the constitution, 102 ".

The party also welcomed the position of the Minister of National Defense and said that "it is a welcome position as it seeks to avoid the country a situation of obstruction through the activation of Article 102."

Article 102 provides for the vacancy of the presidency if the president is unable to perform his duties due to a chronic illness, and the green light shall be convened for the Constitutional Council to meet and to begin the process of isolating Bouteflika.

But opposition parties such as the Movement for a Society for Peace, the Rally for Culture and Democracy and some of the leaders of the protests have refused to put the army chief of staff as inadequate and try to overthrow the people.



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