Over a week: Turkish occupation's mercenaries kidnap 35 civilians from Afrin

The Turkish occupation's mercenaries kidnapped, within one week, 35 civilians, including elderly women from the villages and districts of Afrin canton.

The Turkey-backed mercenaries' crimes have increased including abducting civilians and women in the villages and districts of Afrin canton over the past week as part of the policy of tightening the screws on them and asking for ransom from their relatives

According to sources from Afrin, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation are abducting more and more civilians in the recent period.

According to the information, 15 civilians were kidnapped from the center of the town of Shara, "Mohammed, Muha, Zain, Roshin, her son, Ruwaida, Zerifa, Adnan Sheikho, his son, Murad, Yasser, Abdo Ahmad Abdo, Aya" without knowing their full names.

 In Rajo's Maydan Akbas village, the mercenaries kidnapped 7 civilians including 3 elderly women: Amina Hussein at 63, Amina Akash at 50, Amina Omar, Saied Qanber at 54, Sheikh Mos Akram Hanan, Salah Haj Muhamad, 49, and another citizen from Baniraka village, a group of civilians from the villages of Kafr Jannah and Marasqah in Shara district, Qortaqlaq village and the village of Shih.

According to another source, some civilians from the above-mentioned villages were released after being tortured and beaten by mercenaries.

On the other hand, in the village of 'Adama in Rajo district, 14 civilians were abducted: Adnan Ali Haji, Ali Hajji, Khalil Mahmud Salim, Mustafa Rashid, Abdullah Nashat, Bakr Mustafa Rashid, Shokri Mohammed Bilal, Mustafa Mohammed Bilal, Abdeen Mohammed Rashid, Mohamed Abdeen Rashid, Ahmed Abdo."

The source pointed out that the mercenaries requested the families of the abductees a sum of 150 thousand Syrian pounds ransom for the release of each one of them…

The Turkish occupation's mercenaries have abducted more than 3,000 civilians, most of whom fate is unknown. The Syrian Jurists' Platform for the Defense of Afrin called to form a fact-finding committee in Afrin.


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