Pakistani mercenary: We move in Turkey as organized force ,Turkey supports us

The confessions of IS elements about the issue of sources of support and ways to move day after day increase to reveal the truth more clearly, in addition to the extent of the involvement of the Justice and Development Party and its government and intelligence in dealing with IS and creating chaos and instability in the neighboring countries for several purposes it seeks to extend its influence. The element of IS Abu An'am al-Muhajer, from Pakistani origins talked about their network in Turkey i


The Syrian Democratic Forces arrested dozens of elements while other groups surrendered themselves to the forces in the last battle against a small stronghold in which some IS elements existed on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. Among those who surrendered themselves to the forces is Fadl al-Rahman Abdul Majid, named Abu An'am al-Muhajer from the Pakistani city of Lahore, where he was on a mission to ambush the civilians displacing towards the areas of SDF. After the last tightened the ports, many IS mercenaries were forced to surrender to SDF troops.

The terrorist's record

The real name: Fadl al-Rahman Abdul Majid

The date of birth: 1971 in Lahore, Pakistan

He is from a religious family in Lahore, left school in the tenth grade to work with his relatives in the iron trade, and married to three Pakistani women. He joined Lashgar Taiba Organization to fight in Kashmir against the Indian army for a year and then returned to Pakistan.

Going to Turkey after the announcement of the alleged IS succession

In his explanation of the details of his arrival from Pakistan to Syria via Turkey, the mercenary Fadl al-Rahman says that he knew a Pakistani person named Abdul Sattar who is a coordinator and organizer of IS organization there. This person has prepared for him all things in Turkey and supplied him with numbers and addresses in Turkey, that once he arrived in Turkey he would be safe and the groups would come, receive and move him to their points before being transferred to Syria.

He said, "I went to Pakistan Airport after processing the affairs and left for Istanbul Airport in 2015. Then, someone came and took me. That was followed by phone call conducted by one of them with me, and he said that they will take me to Adana."

IS mercenaries move in Turkey as an organized force""

The terrorist Fadl al-Rahman confirmed the existence of IS organized networks with a heavy movement in Turkey, and we have revealed in ANHA agency previously about IS' points and centers in Turkey and the mechanism of their movement according to IS' confessions and documents at our hands. Fadl al-Rahman, named Abu An'am a'-Muhajer of Pakistani origins talked about their position in Adana and said, "When we came from Istanbul to Adana, we were sorted in a big house. IS' elements moved as an organized army, and their style and ease of movement surprised us, as if we were in their area. They used to threaten us that if we did not surrender to their orders during our stay there, they would tell the Turkish state everything.

On their journey to Syria, Fadl al-Rahman expressed how a group of more than 50 elements and families have moved from Adana to al-Rai area without accountability, and how the Turkish army illuminated the dark roads on the border to make it easier for IS groups to cross into Syria.

Fadl al-Rahman said, "We were transported via cars from Adana towards the Syrian border. We were a group of about 50 people. We did not stop or ask anyone. The road was like moving from one town to another one. We did not feel that we entered the Syrian territory, only when we came down, they said that here is al-Rai town. Even the groups that followed us through other routes from Turkey to Syria told us that the Turkish army had lit the road to ease the way for the families who were immigrating towards the areas of IS' influence."

In IS' areas.. He worked in the maintenance and manufacture of weapons and welding of iron

Abu An'am al-Muhajer moved from al-Rai to al-Raqqa to be transferred within groups to al-Mosul, where he handed over all his documents and papers and registered himself in the organization's centers as an immigrant. According to him, after nearly a year of staying in Iraq and receiving legitimate and military training courses there, he was transferred to al-Raqqa because of the diseases he suffered from. He was assigned to the manufacture and maintenance of weapons of war in al-Raqqa.

It is worth mentioning that the mercenary Fadl al-Rahman, named Abu An'am al-Muhajer, handed himself over with a group of five members while they were tasked with monitoring and intercepting the displaced people on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River on 6-1-2019. The Syrian Democratic Forces ambushed them along the roads to secure the exit of displaced persons without being targeted by the elements.



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