Palestinian detainee tortured to death in Turkish prisons

The family of a Palestinian detainee in Turkey claimed that the Turkish security has killed him, but the Turkish security claimed that he committed suicide in his prison.

Several news websites reported information about the "suicide of young Zaki Mubarak Hassan" in a prison in Turkey, days after his arrest on charges of espionage, while his family repeatedly confirmed that the claim of suicide and the charge of espionage fabricated and not based on any evidence.

The Anatolia news agency claimed the suicide of one of the two men arrested in Istanbul was hanging in the Salivri prison, without giving further details on how the man managed to hang himself in the prison.

Ankara did not provide any evidence to support its story that the Palestinian had committed suicide and that he was not killed by an act, reinforcing the family's story, which accused the Turkish regime of liquidating him after failing to extract confessions of espionage he did not commit.

"Zaki did not commit suicide," Zaki's brother said in a video posted on his Facebook account. "At the same time, he has a recorded conversation with his brother's lawyer, Zaki is innocent, " he added.

The organization called on "the Special Rapporteur on torture to send a committee to examine the body of the detainee and not to allow the Turkish authorities to conceal the crime and bury the body without a neutral autopsy by the United Nations."

The organization referred to the repeated "cases of torture to death in Turkish prisons", where "a number of human rights organizations Turkish and international stressed cases of torture in Turkish intelligence prisons."

The source: Sky News


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