​​​​​​​Palme's murder and conspiracies that targeted Kurdish struggle for freedom

On February 28, 1986, the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and his wife were killed in an armed attack while they were leaving a movie theater. A series of arrests against the Kurds began, but 34 years later the truth was uncovered. Who are the real killers? And why were the Kurds exposed to this conspiracy? What is required of the Kurds from now on?

This incident has had a wide echo in the world. This socialist and democratic leader appeared, and said that the Kurds have the right to obtain their rights like the rest of the world, which has aroused the displeasure of many European Nations, as well as the United States of America. So why and who killed him?

Olof Palme was killed at 23:00, but the Turkish newspapers that were printed at 05:00, before his death, published  headlines in broad line such as "The PKK killed Olof Palme." Later, on unfounded evidence, Stockholm's chief of police, Hans Holmer, claimed that the PKK had killed Palme and launched a campaign of arrests against the Kurds, some were imprisoned for years.

On the other hand, other circles said that this crime was committed by the NATO-linked Claudio Organization and in collusion with the Swedish Security Service,SABO.

Since the Turkish media reported the murder before its occurance, this increases the possibility that the Turkish-linked Claudio was involved in the crime.

After 34 years, on June 10th, 2020, the Chairman of the Investigation Committee into Palme's murder, Christer Peterson and Committee member Hans Malender held a press conference to announce the results of the investigations into the case. Peterson announced that the murderer is a member of the Right-Wing parties called Stig Begstrom, and that the lawsuit was closed because the perpetrator was dead.

After these statements, the Kurdish people and their European friends began to move. Because Palme's murder was not an ordinary issue. It opened the way for the Turkish fascist state to escalate and legitimize its attacks against the Kurdish people. The Kurds were also criminalized and charged, and subjected to genocidal attacks. This crime constituted an argument for escalating the attacks against the Kurds in Germany, France and other European Nations. Consequently, the PKK was classified as a terrorist organization,encouraging  the Turkish state to start emptying the Kurdish villages, and escalating the unknown murderer crimes, committing massacres in Jazeer, Sur, and Nusaybin, as well as killing  Fidan Doğan, Sakine Cansız and Leyla Şaylemezc  in Paris. Where thousands of Kurds in Europe were subjected to investigation, arrest and they were fined, as they were deprived of citizenship and residence rights, all of these things happened after that crime. If the Turkish fascist state could easily occupy northern and eastern Syria, such as Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, or bomb the villages and mountains of southern Kurdistan continuously, then one of the reasons for this is due to the killing of Olof Palme.

This incident concerns directly the freedom movement, so it should not be considered a regular issue that occurred in Europe.

What are the reasons for committing such a crime, accusing the Kurds and classifing PKK as a terrorist organization?

After the Iranian revolution, the Islamists took power, and  stormed the American embassy in Tehran, seizing many documents. One of these documents was about "PKK's" and was classified as a movement that must be eliminated. This confirms that the United States of America and the NATO's Caludonians were prepared to carry out various activities against the PKK. In earlier stages, the representative of the Turkish-Claudio Dogo Brinkak and the newspaper Idnlik had acted according to the American point of view since the emergence of the PKK. On the other hand, similar efforts and movements emerged from some organizations that were claiming to be Kurdish organizations and which represented the racist and petty bourgeois nationalist trend. Even the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Turkey was openly threatening members of the group who left Ankara and headed to Kurdistan. The assassination of Hakki Qerar, was decision by the Turkish Claudio,and was an indication to the events that followed. Therefore, the group experienced many difficulties during its birth and development. Many of the organizations were established with the support of the colonists and agents entered into a war to eliminate the group. These attacks were carried out through misleading counter-media. Even before there was a party or party activities, there were many enemies, which clearly indicated that the Freedom Movement was on the right track. In the face of these attacks, the armed struggle was adopted, and this option was embodied through the establishment of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

After the fascist attacks that followed the military coup in Turkey on September 12, many organizations were eliminated and terminated, while others went abroad. Because of those conditions and with the aim of preparation, leader Apo leads the way towards the establishment of a common anti-fascist front. In the sense that Apo exit was not an opportunity to start a new situation, but on the contrary it was a field for preparation and performance of the pledge they had taken for the people and the martyrs.

After this stage, they launched a campaign against the leader in the name of "No to Apo". They were seeking, through this slogan, to make the PKK surrounder. During the same period, the stage of prisons resistance started. Because the leader Apo and the PKK chose the path of resistance for the freedom of the Kurdish people, they were subjected to severe attacks and sieges. When the Turkish state saw that it could not achieve any result, it was invoked in 1985 by NATO. Consequently, the Kurdish people's freedom movement has entered a new stage. After circles that were claiming to be opposition, They used to say that the resistance was the cause of the attacks, and rejected the principle of resistance, and instead of fighting fascism, they accused the PKK and sought to discredit the leader Apo. The truth is that this method was one of the special methods of warfare, and continues to this day.

In order to confront these attacks and the blockade on the movement, the leadership was seeking to win the support of some European Nations, and Sweden was the most appropriate country for that. Efforts were carried out to submit a request for political asylum to it. Because of Palme's rhetorical stances towards third-world peoples' issues and the agreements concerning the Kurdish people, Sweden was the most appropriate country for this. It was at this point that Palme was killed. For leader Apo, Sweden was considered a friendly country, but after Palme's murder, this country has turned into an arena in which the PKK's death orders are issued. Palme's murder marked the beginning of the stage for the inclusion of the PKK in the list of terrorist organizations and the criminalization of the Kurdish people.

After 34 years of the accident, similar events are still occurring. Some that consider themselves Kurdish organizations, and instead of accusing the Turkish fascist state, accuse the PKK in north and south of Kurdistan, north and east of Syria. They cooperate with the occupiers, and seek to eradicate the gains of the Kurdish people. The forces demanding the exit of the PKK from southern Kurdistan, and Rojava. They  demand suspending the HDP, or demand the HDP to accuse the PKK of terrorism. They seem to have not benefited from the lessons of history. It is clear that the forces that accuse the PKK are running in the same old way. They are cooperating with the occupying forces and with the Turkish occupying power, and thus they will become major players in the international conspiracy.

Those who chose the path of resistance, leave a generous and honorable legacy of history. As for traitors and agents, and whatever they do, they will be defeated by the resistance. Today, the forces that were never on the side of the resistance, and who have always stood with the enemy and allied with it with dirty and suspicious agreements,  they have to look at their situation. They must look at the efforts related to national unity, as well as on the issue of Palme. This suit once again confirmed that the truth cannot remain hidden forever.

The criminal is well-known, it is the Turkish-Cladist NATO. Therefore, if they continue to criminalize the Kurdish people and exonerate the fascist Turkish state, despite the appearance of the truth, then this means that there is a large plot of betrayal and employment.

In the context of all these facts, Palme case must be investigated and criminals detected. The PKK and the Kurds are innocent of the crime, but a question that must be asked; Who are the criminals? The client parties should also be reminded that they will remain as partners in the crime as long as they do not change their positions. They are accused of occupying Afrin, Serêkaniyê  and Girê Spî, and turned a blind eye to the occupation, and whoever is the victor, those who call for the defeat of the PKK are agents of the enemies of the Kurdish people.

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