​​​​​​​Panorama of the week... al-Assad's attendance at Arab Summit is a setback for Qatar

Arab newspapers said that Syria's return to the Arab League is a political setback for Qatar and a sign of the erosion of its role in the region, while the Turkish elections have moved to another round that may not bring the outgoing Turkish president "happy endings."

During the past week, the Arab newspapers focused on the Arab summit, in the presence of al-Assad, and the Turkish elections

Al-Assad's return to the Arab League is a sign of the retreat of Qatar's role in the region

And from Al-Arab newspaper, which wrote in its issue issued today: “The Arab League’s welcome to the return of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad highlights the setback suffered by Qatar’s efforts to be a weighty diplomatic voice in the Middle East.

Earlier this month, Qatar reluctantly withdrew its opposition to a Saudi initiative to bring Syria back into the ranks of the Arab League. It made it clear that it opposes the return to normal relations with Damascus, but it will not stand in the way of Arab consensus.

Analysts see Doha's change in position on Syria as an indication of a possible retreat from its once ambitious regional foreign policy to avoid angering its most powerful neighbour.

An inconclusive majority for Erdogan: Türkiye towards a second round of elections

As for the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, it considered the results of counting the initial votes that it would not bring Erdogan “happy endings.” The newspaper pointed out that the most important point is that no candidate obtained the odd 50%, which means going to a second polling round after two weeks, as required. The election law, and if that happens, it will be considered a setback for Erdogan, as it will be the first time that the latter has failed to win in the first round, knowing that he is a candidate for a third five-year term.

And the newspaper pointed out that, "With going towards a run-off, the result may not come as desired by the current president, if Sinan Ogan, who received 5%, chooses to support Kilicdaroglu's candidacy, and calls on his voter base to vote for the opposition candidate."

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