​​​​​​​Panorama of week: As-Suwayda rejects arbitrary proposals of Damascus government

 The Damascus government put forward a proposal to open a center for the so-called "settlements" in As-Suwayda and to dissolve local armed groups, while the official of the media wing of the "Men of Dignity" movement confirmed that they would not allow any party to implement any project against the interests of citizens.

 Last week, Arab newspapers covered the situation in As-Suwayda.

 Damascus proposes “solutions” to security files stuck in As-Suwayda

 On the Syrian issue, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper said: “The sound of an explosion was heard in the center of the city of As-Suwayda on Friday morning, caused by unidentified persons throwing a hand grenade near the cultural center in which a meeting was held on Thursday between a high-ranking government delegation that included the Director of the General Intelligence Department in Syria, Major General Hossam Louka, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Interior Ministry, Major General Muhammad Rahmoun, officers and political figures, and among the sheikhs of Akl of the Druze community, such as Youssef Jerboa and Hamoud al-Hanawi, party figures, religious and social leaders, and representatives of local armed groups active in As-Suwayda.  Men of Dignity, the most prominent local armed faction in As-Suwayda, despite being invited to attend.

 Rayan Maarouf, editor-in-chief of “Al-Suwayda 24 Network,” told Asharq Al-Awsat that the meeting came after an invitation by Damascus to As-Suwayda a few days ago to discuss the governorate’s security files and present complaints and solutions, adding that the government delegation presented its vision to solve the security files in As-Suwayda.  The opening of a “settlement center” within days in As-Suwayda governorate for those wishing to settle their security situation and those who escaped from military service, and to give settlement applicants a deadline to postpone joining military service, and to be exempted from legal penalties, provided that they join the service after the delay period expires.

 He explained that the official of the General Intelligence Department, Major General Hossam Louka, demanded the dissolution of local armed groups, the withdrawal of unlicensed weapons, the activation of the state's authority in the governorate with the help of the local community, the activation of the role of the judicial police from the police and criminal security services, the deployment of police checkpoints, the strengthening of the role of the judiciary, and the control of irregular cars.

 Commenting on the proposals made by the Damascus delegation to resolve the security files in As-Suwayda, the official of the media wing of the "Men of Dignity" movement, known as "Abu Timor", told Asharq Al-Awsat that the movement "will not allow any party to implement any project or proposal against the interest of the people."  Citizens,” considering that “the solution must be at the level of Syria by improving living and economic conditions in the first place, releasing detainees, and starting comprehensive and real national reconciliation in all of Syria, in addition to fighting corruption in state agencies, stopping the hand of security branches, and eliminating dangers from groups.”  militant terrorist.

 He pointed out that the responsibility in resolving the governorate’s files is not relied upon by a center for settlements and the handing over of weapons without the demise of war and dangers in the region, and the beginning must be from restoring the authority’s relationship with citizens by improving the living and economic reality and rebuilding confidence, after it was broken as a result of many transgressions, and the authority cannot deny the society's poverty of the simplest necessities of life and its legitimate rights.

 As-Suwayda Governorate, southern Syria, recently witnessed a popular case in which local armed factions participated, against groups affiliated with the Syrian security services, accused of carrying out violations and crimes in the Druze-dominated governorate, and several areas in As-Suwayda recently witnessed widespread living protests.



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