Panorama of Week: Stifling crisis in Damascus, new Egyptian blow to Turkey

During the past week, Damascus witnessed a stifling economic and living crisis, while Egypt dealt a new blow to Turkey by transforming the Mediterranean Gas Forum into an international organization and the Lebanese crisis returned to the zero stage.

During the past week, Arab newspapers reported on the economic crisis afflicting the Damascus, in addition to the Egyptian-Turkish tension and the Lebanese crisis.

Al-Sharq al-Awset: Damascus is empty of cars, amid rising prices for vegetables and fruits.

The Arab newspapers published during the past week on the Syrian issue dealt with several topics. In this context, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said: “The measures of the Syrian government have not succeeded in alleviating the crisis of the fuel which led to a significant decrease in the traffic. Damascus doubled the prices of vegetables and fruits, and public car drivers exploited citizens. "

After drivers needed between 15 to 20 minutes to bypass streets in central Damascus known to be very crowded, car traffic in them decreased by an estimated 60 percent as the gasoline availability crisis that afflicted cities under government control since the beginning of September continues. Now the driver can pass it in a few minutes.

Despite a recent change of the period gasoline filling through the "smart card" for all vehicles with the aim of reducing congestion at gas stations, so that the filling period becomes one time, 30 liters, for each special vehicle with a 7-day difference from the last sale, according to its monthly allocations (100 liters) and once for each public vehicle, with a 4-day difference from the last sale, after the difference was 4 days, congestion at gas stations in Damascus has only decreased by an almost negligible rate.

Drivers confirm to Asharq Al-Awsat that they still spend long hours get 30 liters at the subsidized government price, 225 SP, while some of them resort to buying from the black market at prices of 2500-3000 pounds per liter.

Al-Arab: To deter Turkey, first ... transforming the Mediterranean Gas Forum into an international organization

Regarding the tension in the eastern Mediterranean, Al-Arab newspaper said: "The Allied countries have moved under the cover of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum to a more realistic stage after announcing the transformation of this project into a regional organization that is supposed to face Turkish harassment and will officially turn Egypt into the natural gas capital in the region."

Representatives of Egypt, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Jordan and Israel concluded in Cairo on Tuesday an agreement to officially convert the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum into a regional organization, and the representative of Palestine was absent from a meeting that was held via video conference technology.

This step is an important development for Cairo in its multifaceted dispute with Ankara, as the former has achieved a strategic goal that enables it to become a regional energy center and a major gas capital in the eastern Mediterranean region, and gives it preferential advantages due to its good infrastructure in this field.

Observers say that the members of the fledgling organization will strengthen their cooperation in the direction of interest in electrical interconnection projects by extending cables from Egypt under the waters of the Mediterranean to go to some European countries, which strengthens the idea of cooperation in all forms of energy available, and benefit from the abundance that countries have in feeding poverty in countries Other.

But this move also constitutes a blow to the ambitions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who tried to disrupt this cooperation by all means and methods, as his country signed two naval and security memoranda of understanding with the Libyan Government of National Accord months ago to use them as a pretext for exploration operations there.

Al-Akhbar: Adeeb undermines governmental optimism

Concerning the Lebanese issue, Al-Akhbar newspaper said: “Mustafa Adeeb’s meeting with Khalilin did not produce any positive results. The interests of the Lebanese people.

  The search for a translation of these positions at home requires waiting for the reaction of Saad Hariri, who is strayed between his desire to return to prime minister and the search for Saudi satisfaction that does not seem to be coming.

The newspaper added, "Never has a person been assigned this weakness to form the government. Mustafa Adeeb is a figure who lacks the lowest leadership qualities, many are the ones who run him, and he does not claim what he does not have, and is not ashamed of that. He does not give a word to anyone without referring to at least two references: Saad Hariri and the French. "

As a result, no breach has been achieved in the government file, and even Adeeb's scheduled visit to the Republican Palace today does not seem to make progress, but it is supposed to draw the horizon of the next phase, either back to the recognized composition mechanism, that is, communication and coordination with the main blocs in the Parliament To ensure she gets her confidence, or things go further.

Where can this path lead? No one knows, but it is certain that Adeeb's apology has risen again.



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