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A very significant role was played by youths from the town of Aqra in setting up the Parastin Intelligence Agency of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK. It is well known that formerly, there was, in Aqra, two heavily populated quarters; one was Christian and the other was Jewish.

Jews and Christians were very whiz at handy crafts and at commerce, so they were the richest in the town. There is a big probability that the first to engage in the ''Parastin'' Intelligence System were of Jewish stock or were Kurdish Jews.   

The Parastin Agency was never set up for the national benefits of the Kurds or Kurdistan and the dangers surrounding them, from it's name, ''Protection'',  it is clear that it was established to protect the newly formed State of Israel. The Parastin Agency, as it is well known, is a reservoir for collecting information to be sent later to Mossad of Israel, as it is coordinated previously.

This agency was at the time serving primarily security of Israel, and that of Iran secondly, and later, that of America and others'. 

In the late episode, it was mentioned that the Parastin Agency was set up by Israel and Iran. Israel from 1960 to 1977, and by supporting the Kurdish Movement was in a state of war with Iraq in special and with Arabs in general, so it was in need to collect information on it's enemies' moves, and to dominate the situation from one side, and to scout Kurds' movements in Kurdistan closely.  

The Parastin Agency was scouting and observing Kurdish parties and organizations to be transmitted to Israeli Mossad and the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA of the United States of America and the National Intelligence Organization, the MIT of Turkey, and the secret police, domestic security and intelligence service of Iran, known as  SAVAK.

Since the Mossad alone was unable to collect information from all sides, and since Israel established the Parastin, so it had strong ties with the Turkish MIT and the Iranian SAVAK, and there was a close coordination amongst the three agencies with regard to exchanging information.

If one would like to know the assignment of this intelligence Agency, he would discover that it protects security and interests of Israel and it's domination on the region primarily, and secondly, those of Iran and other occupying forces in Kurdistan, and the narrow interests of the Barzani family, thirdly. So the Parastin Agency is not merely at the service of Kurdish national interests but it serves programs and agendas of regional and international countries. On this, events taking place lately contradict Kurdish interests, and serve as an impede in the path of Kurdish Unity in all four parts of Kurdistan, and they hurt Kurdish people and serve not the achievement of Kurdish Unity.    

Relevant to this, leader Abdullah Ocalan says:'' they tried to form the White Kurdistan through Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, the same agency tried to form two equal forces of Kurds and Turks but they were contradictory, this was a formation for the interests of hegemonic powers such as U.S. and England and for the security of Israel very important and vital.

In reality, that was a wisely led policy to a great extent, to guarantee their interests in the region, by forming two affiliated forces, contradictory but being one. But with the emergence of Kurdistan Workers' Party, the PKK, all these old-fashioned schemes and plots that were worked upon on daily bases were foiled.

 Chances of solution and peace in 1993- 1998 were due to the failure of schemes and plots by hegemonic powers that reached a stalemate, even though they never gave chance to such a solution to develop, so they hatched crimes and plots.

Kurdistan Workers' Party, the PKK, saved Kurds from the hegemony of powers, that was strategically a blow to the interests and stratagems of hegemonic and dominating powers in the Middle East, this peculiarity and reasons, that may be counted, are enough to prove how big the internationally -hatched conspiracy of arresting Abdullah Ocalan in 1998 was''.   

It is undeniable that with the setting up of Parastin Intelligence Agency, all revolutionary groups and institutions were liquidated in Eastern Kurdistan and in all other parts of Kurdistan by this agency.

What proves this is the astonishing actions of Kurdistan Democratic Party and those of the Barzani family, and their hostile stances towards Kurdish people, organizations and institutions and their embracing of Kurdistan's occupiers and hegemonic powers. For instance, their principles that emerge from norms and customs and principles of Kurdism that are supposed to serve as red lines and never be crossed, but unfortunately when these lines are crossed one is astonished.      

Leader Abdullah Ocalan says that conspiracies, intrigues and hands that target Kurdistan Workers' Party, the PKK, when the party was first established, :'' they used to believe that our group was affiliated to the People's Liberation Party- Front of Turkey, the THKP-C, or  an offshoot to the THKP-C, and thinking that by putting an end to People's Liberation Party-Front of Turkey, the THKP-C, our group would also be liquidated. They also tried to bring into submission our group by planting some figures or by trying to keep it under their subjection.

After 1975, after knowing that our group was independent, at the time, via the red star that was affiliated to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, they infiltrated our group, subsequently, our comrade Haqi Qarar was killed by the agent codenamed Ala' adinne Kabban, so Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, has established and direct ties with Israel and the NATO, and it's movements in Kurdistan were corresponding to their agendas and it served as a censor to all Kurdish parties and institutions to control the situation that is being well known to all.    

After that, it was revealed that this agency receives support from outside and plays the role of an institution that keeps Kurdish parties and movements under control in Kurdistan that is confirmed.

We can say that this agency is under the control of  Gladio, since 1961 where it being sponsored, supported and armed by Turkish Gladio that encouraged it to rebel.

After that, it has been proven that through the Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi of Iran, this support was going on, that is, by means of Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, Leftist Groups in Kurdistan were infiltrated, this is very important because it was proven via the indirect support provided by the Gladio''.

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