Paris Massacre ought to be re-opened after admission 

Lawyer Hamza Malki noted that European countries have to open the case of the Paris Massacre again, and indicting the perpetrators after the admission that was made in this regard saying: this massacre was against the political representatives of the Kurdish people, it is a terrorist attack''.

On January 9th, 2013 a massacre was committed in the French capital, Paris, against one of the co-founders of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, Sakine Cansiz, and representative of the Kurdistan National Congress in Paris, Fidan Dogan, and member to the Kurds Youth Movement Leyla Soylemez.

After the death of the suspect Umar Guney, who as under arrest in one of the Paris jails for his participation in the massacre, the file suit was closed on December 17th, 2016.

The death of Umar Guney was seen by the Kurds as a bid to hide the real truth of the massacre, while families of the Kurdish politicians and legal associations and bodies and the Kurdish people at large condemned the massacre calling for the prosecution of the perpetrators.

From the very day of the massacre the Kurds said that it was the Turkish Intelligence Services that carried out the massacre, that was corroborated by the death of Umar Guney, and Rohi Seman, an administrator in the Hosham Sporting Club, and an official in the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs, that adopts antagonism on the official websites, Turkish complicity in the crime is well read.

The crime was intentionally given prominence, and though all evidences were conducive to Turkey's complicity it never admitted that, as France continued to cover the truth.  

But former Turkish Intelligence officer Ismail Hakki Bekin said lately '' as it had happened previously, not only in Qandil, leading figures in the Kurdistan Communities Union must be targeted in Europe'', this is a clear evidence that the Paris Massacre was perpetrated by the Turkish State.

Hamza Malki, a lawyer, commenting on the admission made by Bekin said '' the Paris Massacre is a breach against the international law and the human rights, that is unacceptable, this is a terrorist attack against the Kurdish politicians, the European countries claiming democracy and defending the human rights ought to look inquire into the massacre anew''.    

Malki made clear that the Turkish State adopts colonial practises in Kurdistan and the Middle East, for it kills civilians and commits war crimes adding '' today many evidences and documents indict Erdogan of committing war crimes on which if not prosecuted he would continue to commit more crimes''.

It was noted by Malki that the silence preserved by France even after the admissions made adduce connivance to the massacre, calling on all European countries especially France to bear responsibility.



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