Participation in hunger strike: Be echo of prisons' resistance

A hunger striker in Turkish state prisons said: "Make our voice and our hunger strike reach the whole world. We, together with each other, will achieve successes, and we will reach freedom and victory."

Prisoners of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Kurdistan Women Freedom Party in the prisons of the Turkish state began a hunger strike on the 27th of last November, in protest against the tight isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the violations practiced against prisoners in the prisons of the Turkish state.

In this context, she appealed to the prisoners' families to convey the voice of their sons and daughters to the whole world and support the hunger strike, so that their demands are fulfilled.

The mother of the prisoner (K.A.) who has been in Turkish state prisons since 1995 indicated that the prisoners are experiencing very difficult conditions, and that they can only communicate with their daughter over phone once a week, and said: "Because of the isolation imposed, pressure and practices far from humanity, prisoners began to go on hunger strike," noting that they must be the voice of the hunger strikers in order to achieve their goals.

Be the echo of resistance

The mother of the prisoner indicated that when her daughter (K.A.) spoke with her on the phone, she called for all Kurdish mothers to escalate their resistance, and (K.A.) said during the call: "First of all, I greet all mothers and ask them to support our hunger strike that we started in prisons despite the difficult conditions in which we live, and to convey the voice of our resistance everywhere."

By continuing our struggle and activities, we will achieve leader Ocalan's freedom

The mother of the prisoner explained that her daughter said that despite the injustice and torture they are subject to, they will continue their resistance until the end, and that with this strike, they will reach the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

K.A., a prisoner of the Kurdistan Women Freedom Party who announced her hunger strike during a statement on the 25th of last November, explained that the Turkish state's jailers are targeting women in particular, and she told her mother over the phone: "We are subject to psychological torture. The jailers attack our dormitories, and seize our notebooks, pens, books and our personal supplies by force. There are great violations, especially in women's prisons, as they take our books; they do not want us to read books."

With joint resistance, we will get positive results

The mother of the prisoner noted that her daughter (K.A.) said that their strike will achieve its goals by the support of those outside the prisons for them, and she said that they are waiting for support and assistance, and added: "I address the entire public opinion, and I congratulate everyone on the 42nd anniversary of the establishment of PKK. We are confident that we will see the leader Ocalan, the prisons' resistance is growing day by day, and for this, you must support this strike, we hope that you will struggle more and reach our voice to all parts of the world. Thus, we will achieve positive results."

At the end of her speech, the mother of the prisoner (K.A.) said that everyone should be the echo of this blessed resistance which was started by their sons and daughters. She added: "All mothers must unite in the face of the enemy. We can strengthen and escalate the resistance that began in prisons, and with our imprisoned sons and daughters, we will be able to achieve positive results and reach freedom."



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