Parties: Views of Başûr Kurdistan are positive, their visions agree with Rojava parties

Mustafa Mashaikh pointed out that the views of all the Kurdish parties they met in Başûr Kurdistan were positive about what was put forward by the Kurdish parties of Rojava, stressed the necessity to unite the Kurdish row, and indicated that this required great work and effort.

A delegation of the Kurdish parties had visited Rojava including the Co-chair of Democratic Union Party (PYD) Shahoz Hassen, the Head of Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Jamal Sheikh Baqi, the Head of the Syrian Kurdish Left Party Mohammed Musa, the Deputy of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria Mustafa Mashaikh, and the Representative of Kongra Star in Kurdistan region Jihan Khalil to hold meetings with Kurdish parties there.

The Deputy Head of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria Mustafa Mashaikh made clear during an interview held by Hawar news agency (ANHA) that the purpose of visiting the Kurdish parties to Başûr Kurdistan was to hold meetings with the Kurdish parties in Başûr Kurdistan and Kurdish Parties' Offices existed there to put forward some views related to the area and Kurdistan in addition to listening their opinions.  

Their goal is to unite Kurdish visions

He said, "There are strong attacks on parts of Kurdistan, most of them by the Turkish occupation, where it launched aggressive attacks on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan, in addition to the occupation of the canton of Afrin, the repeated Turkish threats to the areas of northern and eastern Syria, and the oppression of the people of Bakur Kurdistan."

Mashaikh pointed out that one of the other objectives of the visit was how to preserve the gains achieved in the north and east of Syria and protect them constitutionally, and said, "Unless the benefits are protected constitutionally, the danger will always be posed against us. This work is required of the Kurdish parties at the moment, and as Kurdish parties, they will participate in future meetings that will be held for the establishment of a new Syrian constitution to achieve the rights of the Kurds within it."

The Deputy of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party's Head in Syria Mustafa Mashaikh made clear that the most important reasons for the visit was also to clarify and discuss what were happening against the people of Afrin; violations by the Turkish occupation army and the Kurdish parties, adding, "The situation in Afrin is very bad and the Turkish occupation is committing flagrant violations against our people in Afrin. The Turkish occupation is targeting the Kurdish presence in Afrin. It is changing the demographics of Afrin. There are many dirty plots against the people of Afrin by the Turkish occupation and its allies."

Mashaikh has noted, "The achievements achieved in Rojava are Kurdish achievements and that all Kurdish parties must support and protect the gains of the people of Rojava and northern and eastern Syria."

And Mustafa Mashaikh pointed to several meetings with political parties in Başûr Kurdistan, such as the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan National Union Party, headed by the Deputy Secretary General of the Party Kosrat Rasul, and the meeting with the Change Party, headed by Omar Sayed Ali, the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Rojhilat, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party–Iran. He said, "It is scheduled to hold a meeting with the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iraq, the Democratic Peoples' Party in Başûr, the Islamic parties and the Kurdistan Communist Party."

Mustafa Mashaikh assured the views of all the parties that met with them were positive about what was put forward by the Kurdish parties in Rojava, stressed the need to unite the Kurdish row, and indicated that required great work and effort.



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