Partition wall is disgrace to international community

Political parties operating in the north and east of Syria pointed out that the partition wall being built by Turkey in Afrin "is a disgrace to the international community and a flagrant violation of international laws and the Charter of the United Nations." They called on the Syrian regime to express its position on the Turkish occupation's violations, during a statement.

Political parties and coalitions operating in the north and east of Syria, the Syrian Future Party, the Syrian Democratic National Alliance, the Party of Modernity and Democracy, issued a joint statement on Thursday in the city of Manbij regarding violations practiced by the Turkish state in Afrin canton and the construction of the partition wall.

The statement was read by the member of the Executive Committee of the National Democratic Alliance of Syria, Mona al-Khalaf.

"Based on the Syrian principles and constants in defending our country, Syria, and based on our principles and convictions in the Syrian National Democratic Alliance, the Future Syria Party and the Party of Modernity and Democracy of Syria, and at a time when the various political forces are trying to find a solution to the Syrian crisis, the Turkish fascist government is unique in coming out of this context, disregarding all human values and the right of peoples to live together and enjoy security and stability.

The Turkish government has not only occupied Syrian lands, but practiced all kinds of criminality, from the killing, exodus, displacement and demographic change against the Syrian people, to add another crime to the heinous crimes against our safe people in Syria, by building the Ottoman wall around the Syrian city of peace, Afrin, similar to the areas that preceded it, such as Iskenderun, since the construction of this wall indicates an aggressive criminal mentality, whose goal is to separate the city of Afrin from the Syrian motherland, and stripping it of the Syrian identity using political and economic conditions to force it to abandon the motherland in order to achieve the Ottoman dream.

This separation wall is a disgrace to the international community, a flagrant violation of international laws, the Charter of the United Nations, human rights laws and a clear violation of the right of the self-determination of peoples.

We call upon the international community and Human Rights organizations to carry out their moral and humanitarian duty. We also demand the Syrian state to take a firm stand to put an end to these Turkish violations on the Syrian territory and withdraw its forces from all the Syrian territories such as Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz, Idlib and Afrin. We call upon all partners and honorable people in the Syrian homeland to stand united in an attempt to dominate and control us through organized movement against these violations.

Long lived one unified Syria."



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