Patriotic figure: traitors aid Turkish occupation state

A patriotic figure in the Hasaka Canton said that plots and schemes of the Turkish occupation state are very broad and targets the Kurdistan geography be every possible mean  laying stress to adopt course of Mohamed Zaki Halebi.

Attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation state and the betrayal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party against the guerrilla fighters in the Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan are received with much popular discontent from the people in whole of Kurdistan and in NES in particular due to the sacrifices made by the guerrilla fighters in Kurdistan.

Every day communal and social activities demand PDK stop these policies as the MIT is very active in Southern Kurdistan.

Patriotic figure in Darbassiye of the Hasaka Canton Abdul Wahab Khalaf says the participation of the PDK in the attacks carried out by the Trish occupation state on the Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan and its part in assassinating patriotic figures such as Mohamed Zaki Halebi is betrayal of the Kurdish people and its cause saying they are merely to meet benefits at the expense of the Kurdish people.

On 17 May the current Mohamed Zaki Halebi as assassinated in Southern Kurdistan by the Turkish Intelligence Services and the Kurdistan Democratic Party in front of his restaurant where he succumbed to his wounds in the city of Sulaimaniye. 

Khalaf affirmed that since the Ottoman Empire was founded it fights the Kurds wherever they exist. It committed massacres and genocides against the Kurds in the whole of Kurdistan and notably in the Medya Defense Zones '' the guerrilla fighters are made up of our people''. 

Khalaf noted that the Turkish occupation state seeks to revive the Neo-Ottomanism by expanding the scope of the areas it occupies. Khalaf added the attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation state will not limit to Medya Defense Zones or NES rather they will extend to what was previously known as the Ottoman Empire. 

Abdul Wahab Khalaf denounced the assassination of the patriotic figure Halebi in Southern Kurdistan,'' Turkey embraces a dirty policy against the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region, and it targets active patriotic figures in the society as it is perturbed by their will and determination to defend the cause and lands''.

Khalaf warned the Kurdistani peoples of aims of the Turkish occupation state calling them to be vigilant to stand up to these bids and to stand up to the betrayal of the PDK and its hostile policies to the Kurds and Kurdistan.

Khalaf affirmed what is being taking place in Southern Kurdistan is by participation of PDK.

At the end Khalaf called on the Kurdistan peoples to be more aware and vigilant to repel attacks of the Turkish occupation state and to proceed the course adopted by freedom seekers such as Mohamed Zaki Halebi.



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