PDK preventing Başûr Youth from crossing into Rojava to participate in conference

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement condemned the Kurdistan Region Government's authorities for preventing the entry of the youths of Başûr to Rojava to participate in the second conference of the Middle East youths, this was issued by a statement was at Sêmelka crossing Square.


The second conference of the Middle East youths is scheduled to be held on the 20th of February in Kobanî city which was scheduled to include young people from all the countries of the Middle East, including the youths of Başûr Kurdistan, but the authorities of the Kurdistan Region Government (PDK) prevented the entry of young people of Başûr who were 30 members to Rojava through Sêmelka crossing to participate in the conference.

In response to this action, dozens of members of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement gathered at the Sêmelka crossing and made a statement to the public opinion condemning the practices of PDK and preventing them from crossing.

The statement was read by the administrator of the Revolutionary Youth Movement in Qamishlo Arjin Melek in which she said:

"We, as youths of the Middle East, have been preparing since 6 months to held the second conference of the Youths of the Middle East in the north and east of Syria being the starting point of the revolution and the victory of the people's will which will be held on the 20th of February to unite the youth's will against all attacks and the fascist mentality imposed on young people.

The "Rise up" campaign against the dictatorships, especially in the Middle East continues, so with the youths' initiative in the north and east of Syria in all organizations, we communicated with the youths to declare the second conference.

The government and authorities of the Kurdistan Region represented by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) that serve the agendas of Turkey to stand in the face of the will of the people proved once again on Monday its practices hindering the unity of the Kurdish class.

Although PDK have prevented Başûr youths from crossing into Rojava, we will hold a conference because the dictatorial countries aim to prevent the unification of the youths."

The statement ended with chanting the slogans denouncing the practices of the PDK.



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