PDKS supports a safe area under "International Coalition" supervision

A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's (PDKS) regional committee in Syria (PDKS) refused to establish a safe zone in Syria under the Turkish supervision, explaining that a safe area under the auspices of the International Coalition is possible.

The Turkish occupation has recently launched threats against northern and eastern Syria, and has mobilized its troops on the border to invade and control the area.

On the target of the Turkish threats, ANHA news agency interviewed a member of the regional committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Syria (PDKS) in the region of Serê Kaniyê, Abdul Hamid Khalil, who indicated that agree on establishing the safe area supervised by the International Coalition and not under the supervision of the Turkish occupation army.

Khalil pointed out that the threats of the Turkish occupation does not target the Kurdish component and its purpose is not the Kurds, "but the components of the north and east of Syria in general, and the Kurdish people in particular."

He added: "Turkey has not excluded anyone when it invaded the city of Afrin, and practiced many violations against the people of the region, in the context of the killing and destruction, looting and theft, and demographic change, and the displacement of indigenous people, and seeks through threats to areas of northern and eastern Syria to complete the criminal process contrary to international law and custom, as they have done in the city of Afrin recently, while the case may be worse in regard to the east of the Euphrates than Afrin's. "

Our sole option is resistance

Khalil said that if the Turkish occupation tried to launch a military operation threatening their areas, they have only the option of resistance in the face of the Turkish occupation state, through their solidarity and standing with all components of the region with the political movement.

Khalil rejected any Turkish intervention in the northern Syrian territory. "Our position towards the threats of the Turkish state is clear and firm. We reject any Turkish interference in our regions. We agree on establishing the safe area under international supervision and not with Turkish supervision." he said.

At the end of his speech, Khalil called on all Kurdish parties to pressure the unification of the Kurdish movement in Syria and the components and peoples of the region to unite and stand together in the face of the threats of the Turkish occupation on their soil.



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