Pentagon allocates $ 550 million in Syria's 2020 budget

The Pentagon has allocated $ 250 million to secure the borders of neighboring countries to Syria.


The Pentagon has allocated $ 550 million to Syria in its budget despite the United States' intention to withdraw its troops from Syria in the coming months.

In a statement published by the ministry through its official website, it said, "Its budget for 2020 includes the allocation of $ 250 million for the security of the neighboring countries of Syria, in addition to $ 300 million for the Syrian training and processing program."

The $ 250 million covers the protection of the Syrian border in the context of fighting IS organization, and usually includes Syria's border with Iraq and Turkey.

The Syrian training and processing program usually includes the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria in the context of their battle against IS terrorist organization.

The Syrian training program, backed by the US Department of Defense, also includes Syrian opposition factions, but the US President Donald Trump stopped supporting the Syrian opposition militarily in 2017, calling the program to be "dangerous and ineffective."

The President Donald Trump's administration has asked the Congress for a budget of $ 718.3 billion for the Pentagon within the 2020 budget, allocating $ 173.8 billion for the possible operations abroad, known as the "war fund," according to the Pentagon's statement.

It is noteworthy that the Pentagon had allocated the same amount last year to train and equip and from the Syrian border.



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